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Full of Fruit

Because I know you’re all desperate to know how the fruit was: It was excellent. Still pretty crisp, except for the kiwi fruit which is actually much nicer when it’s soft anyway. None of it was mushy, and none of it had ‘turned’, so that’s pretty good news I guess if I ever feel like putting in the effort to make my own again. Should last three or four days in the fridge.

I’ll see if I manage to keep making it (my expectations are pretty low, so if I was you, I would assume not).


So, Grete remembered to get the last pot of fruit out of the fridge this morning as I dragged my half-asleep ass out of the house, good job ‘cos I’d completely forgotten again! It’s lasted quite well, still looks pretty fresh. Popped it into a fridge at work, and I’m sure you’re all dying to know how it turns out, so I’ll be sure to let you know later …

Totally Fruitless

So I purchased a pineapple, two mangos, a tub of kiwi fruit and two melons last night, with the intent of making some little fruit bowls to bring to work, since I can’t get the ones I want here any more.

Spent 30-50 minutes last night chopping it all up, putting it into air-tight containers (6) and whacking them in the fridge.

And then left home this morning without picking one up. I’m working from home tomorrow so wouldn’t normally be after any fruit anyway, and by Thursday I’m sure they’ll be turning and going off.


I hate change, I am, without the smallest shadow of any doubt, a creature of habit. I can do the same thing, at the same time, all the time, without ever getting bored of it. I don’t mind change, as long as I’m aware it’s coming and have a chance to prepare, but unplanned change makes me annoyed. I can cope, I do cope, I’m actually really good at coping with it and dealing with it, but it doesn’t mean I like it.

I’ve gotten into a habit at lunch time, when I’m in the office, which helps with the diabetes and balanced diet, and that’s having a pot of fruit from the shop at work. Melon, pineapple, kiwi fruit and mango. Been eating it now for a couple of years, every day. They changed the packaging a while back, but the content stayed the same. It’s one of my five a day, it’s good for my blood sugar and it’s 0 fat.

And now, they don’t sell it. They’ve changed to a mix of melon, kiwi fruit, blueberries and pomegranate seeds. It’s disgusting. The juice that collects is rancid, the pomegranate seeds are terrible, the blueberries tasteless, and the kiwi fruit is squished and mangled.

I miss my mango dammit.

So today I’ve got a packet of crisps instead, how is that helping exactly!

Now I need to work on a strategy to get back to some fruit I enjoy.

Frustrating day

I’m trying to stick to being good about the diabetes, I really am. But it’s getting frustrating. So I had four slices of toast at the weekend and my blood sugar was over nine mg/l two hours later. Ok, I get that bread is bad. Today I thought I’d try harder, was pretty high after breakfast but under 9, wasn’t too bad after lunch, was pretty good when I got home. Felt like I was making progress. Had tea, went for a walk, out of the house for nearly an hour. Got around to checking it again at 10:40pm, and it’s over 8 mg/l 🙁 Four hours after I ate, and it’s well above what it should be even two hours after I ate. I don’t get it, and not getting it makes it very frustrating. Also, I’m feeling really hungry and basically with my blood sugar that high I shouldn’t really eat anything to give it a chance to drop before I go to bed.

Anyway, the walk was nice, we wandered along the canal (pictured left) which is about 800 metres from where we live. It looks nice most of the time, plenty of wildlife which I think is good considering it’s right next to a main road and a school. We were passed by a narrow-boat while we were feeding the wildlife (pictured belowI think). The swans, ducks and other stuff seems pretty well trained to come to people and beg for bread. The big swan you see actually swam up and started hissing until we fed it, so someone’s trained it to beg I guess. Still, at least they’re not struggling to survive against the toxins in the water like they may have been a few years ago.

It was a relaxing walk I thought, and I’d hoped it would go some way to helping with blood sugar. Perhaps we walked too soon after we’d eaten? Ah well, just have to see how tomorrow goes I guess. My fingers are sore from all the testing I did today, and I’ll just have to do the same tomorrow.

Brain Pain

A lot of my job is second-nature now. Making changes, fixing problems, suggesting solutions, pretty easy stuff, although that’s mainly due to experience. But every now and then we have to make a change to a paritcularly complex system, that we perhaps don’t touch very often, which has it’s own specific unique issues that must be considered.

Today was one of those days. My brain hurts! 4 hours of solid focus to make a change that would take 20 minutes on any other system.


Some days at work just make me want to SHOUT at EVERYONE.

I dunno why some days do that – it’s the same crap as always, the same bad planning, the same lack of useful process, the same garbage as every other day, but some days you can let it wash over you, deal with it and enjoy the good bits.

And then there’s days like today – where every minor thing is a huge annoyance, every little problem is a major hurdle and every moment is a struggle to stay afloat above the miasma of turgid process.

I’m not sure you can use Miasma and Turgid to describe the same thing – it’s probably overkill but I love both words. So you’ll just have to deal with it.


another week of being on-call over with, it always amazes me how much relief i feel even if i never felt like i was under much additional stress/pressure at the start.

roll on the weekend!

Day 2 of the rest of my Life

Ok, so I’m a bit melodramatic in my title sections 😉 Day 2 back at work, and it’s a Friday so the weekend to look forward to. Friday’s are always tougher, because one of the team doesn’t work Friday’s, and quite a few times at the moment, one other team member seems to be on holiday a lot. Today, I’m the only technical resource in the office, along with my team leader. One member in India, one working from home, one on holiday and one who doesn’t work Friday’s.

Had a bit of anxiety at work, and a little bit last night while trying to get to sleep, but nothing as bad as it was before I was off-sick. Got some of the symptoms now as well, but at least I know they aren’t caused by something physical which is killing me, which helps me manage them a hell of a lot better.

Trying to maintain a more relaxed approach to being at work, not worrying so much about the detail, the company doesn’t seem to want me to, so I’ll try not to. Just have to try and move that philosophy into my normal out of work life as well – don’t sweat the small stuff as they say.

Is that good though? Isn’t it the small stuff that differentiates us and makes us who we are? Two people do X, but one of them pays more attention to the fine detail, people are going to say ‘wow, person A did a fine job’ instead of ‘well, person B did just what was needed’. Does it matter? I guess it depends on the job, the small stuff, and how much paying attention we’re talking about. Sweat the small stuff but don’t fret if you can’t sweat it this time. Perhaps.