So, my two weeks are finished and done, my holiday is over. Tomorrow it’s back to work. Yay :p

Been a good two weeks, relaxing (once I eventually got over the stress of work), visit to Fi’s was cool and we spent a nice weekend with Tracey and Stuart this weekend just gone (got back today). Superb weather, we went to Holland-on-Sea on Saturday to paddle in the sea! I advised them that they need to visit some real beaches in the North East of England and get to see some beautiful sand, instead of the shale they are forced to pretend is sand.

The M25 should be shut down, bulldozed and turned into forest. Instead of having the M25 they should invent a mass-transport system that you drive onto and it zooms you around London super-fast and then you drive off and continue your journey. Driving to the south is never fun, because that road is not fun.

Egypt Photo’s

Egypt 1995

Despite the fact that it was 13 years ago, I still vividly remember my holiday in Egypt. Mainly because I’ve rarely been out of the country, and because Egypt was just incredible. You really don’t appreciate the scale and the majesty until you have to crane your neck to see the top of the temples.

Anyway, 13 years late, here’s some photo’s on picasa.


can’t sleep. not even the birds are awake yet. both cats think it’s their birthdays being let out without having to spend an hour trying to wake us both up.

i got another 30 photo’s done last night but couldn’t manage the full 60-odd, so i’m going to work through those this morning and finally get the damn egypt photo’s sorted.

6:40am: google’s picasa2 software is really nice, i remember that every time i use it.

7:05am: 18 photo’s to go.

7:45am: Hah! Now they’re all done.

10:28am: Now ploughing my way through the Ireland photo’s, have 30 done, probably another 50 to go or so. (Adding updates to this to avoid annoying people with one line blog entries).

11:06am: 29 to go.

12:30pm: Done. All the Egypt and Ireland photo’s re-scanned at 600dpi and after having been cleaned.

Funny Food!

When you tell people about an event or situation from your past, maybe as if you’re telling them a story, you sometimes may find yourself adding embellishments or exaggerating certain aspects for dramatic or comic effect. If you do this enough, if you tell the same story enough times, you may find the story is a stronger memory than the reality, in fact, the story becomes the reality.

I’m fully aware of this phenomenon, as I’m sure are most people. I also, it’s sad to say, sometimes play to an audience if something has some humour value. I went to Egypt in 1995 with a couple of friends and I had a really good time, and have some really good memories of that trip. One or two of those memories have become stories I tell my friends and one of them in particular is about the food on the boat. The chef liked to dress the food up (after it was cooked) to either look how it had before it was cooked, or to just make it look more cheery.

I reminisced about how he had dressed chicken up with happy faces, and about the time he served up mutton dressed so we knew it had been a sheep. I was pretty sure about the chickens, but sometimes I doubted my memory about the sheep.

Well, as you know I’ve been scanning my Egypt photos and it looks like I didn’t make this up, which is pleasing. So here for your delectation and delight are chickens with heads and happy faces, and mutton with a tinfoil head and horns, in case there was any doubt about what it might have been.

Enjoy (click them for full size images).