It’s just cricket

There was something moving about in the lounge, near the bin in the corner.  Fizz was really interested but I couldn’t see anything and forgot about it.  Just been in there now, and there was a cricket about 3cm long hanging on the net curtain.  I grabbed a cup and slip of paper to get it back outside.  There’s just one thing – when crickets move, they jump, and they jump vertically.  However, vertically to a cricket which is hanging on your net curtain is essentially horizontally straight at your face.

I’m not nervous or scared of insects, but a 3cm cricket jumping for your face is always cause for a sudden involuntary grunt and duck.

Anyway, it’s safely outside now!

It’s the Cavalry

Finally have some aphid eatin’ Ladybirds on the Willow.  During the day, they’re fast little buggers, this one was hoovering up aphids as fast as it could!

I have about 50 shots of it, blurry, running all over the leaves, it paused here just long enough for the autofocus to get it.  And then a moment later, it took off, this next shot was pretty lucky timing.

Went out a bit later, and there’s another one sleeping on the tree (looks asleep), which is good news for me, and bad news for the aphids.  Also, I think this ant was interested in me too.

And this one, I’m really pleased with, very pleased with this shot indeed.