Self portrait, black and white. Dark hair, headshot, face obscured by a canon camera being held up to one eye.Welcome to the latest incarnation of my blog.  Somewhere that I dump random thoughts and pretend like I’m witty.

In my own words, from a previous blog, I am “Slightly geeky, overly cynical and delusional about my own self importance.”  I’ve been using the Internet in the UK for a fair old while, and before that Fidonet and Bulletin Boards.  When I first started using the Internet it was with a DOS based package (DIS, to connect to Demon Internet).  After that I migrated to Windows 3.1 and Trumpet Winsock and so the proliferation of Windows based freeware Internet TCP/IP tools began.

Perception is Truth

Why that?  I’m not sure.  I’ve not done a lot of reading about psychology or philosophy, but I’ve always believed that truth is ephemeral, and is often based on our pre-conceptions, belief systems and the context in which we live.  I guess I don’t really believe in an absolute truth.  There’s too much chaos in the universe for it to be any other way. How we view things, how we perceive the world affects what we consider to be true and false.  I always loved the phrase, and I’ve been using it as a banner for my random blogging before blogging existed.

In the words of almost everyone who writes something on the web, I’ll add more to this when I get a) inspiration and b) time.

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  • Whoever perception101 was who used to comment on the Guardian website, that’s not me.