Well, I’m knackered. Another visit to Ikea, more shelves, more building, more moving, more carrying, and the result is that we’ve now got two shelving units in the bedroom (with another 3 to build),
one 30cm deep, one 50cm deep.

Here they are, 50cm bottom, 50cm middle, 50cm top, 30cm bottom, 30cm top.

As you can see, Moria and Mordor have finally got somewhere ‘proper’ to live. The end result is a much tidier room (well, one end of it), and a much more knackered Tony.


Well, I’m rather peeved. I installed the GoLive patch, and GoLive no longer ran (problems with a DLL). So, I de-installed, re-installed, ignored the patch, and started work on the page again.
Filled in some of this diary, explaining about the patch, deleted some text and GoLive crashed again, dropping all the changes. So, considering the learning curve, the fact that GoLive has some serious problems, and the fact that I only started using GoLive because the auto-upload feature in PageMill appears to be broken, I’ve removed it. I can’t be bothered. [And the fact that it buggers around with loads of file associations really annoyed me].

So, here we are back in PageMill, and now I need to find a proper FTP based web-page updated which works, is quick, and runs on Win9x.

Anyway, spent today buying shelves from Ikea and they’ve made this room much easier to live in. [Oops, did I say live in? It’s only the bedroom!] Anyway, for those who like this sort of thing, here
are some shots of the first shelving unit, complete with contents. Shot1, Shot2.

Adobe GoLive

Hmm, Adobe GoLive has some annoying habbits. Seems to screw up the auto-launch settings for text files each time it starts up, the global search can crash it, and it never re-sizes windows to anything sensible.

However, it does so proper uploads and doesn’t mess about with javascript URL’s as much as PageMill, so I’ll keep trying to get on with it for a bit. Aha, just found a patch on the Adobe website, hopefully that will fix some of my concerns.

Generally it feels like a nicer editor, but it is still niggly in places.

Life goes on still – stuff happening. I’m building our fourth PC at the moment (I felt obliged) so now I need to find something for it to do. It’s only a P166MMX built using our old kit, but it must be able to do something.

Still hurts

Well, each night the pain goes away (by about 10pm) but then each morning it’s back as bad as ever.

I’m now playing with Adobe GoLive to see if it’s any better than PageMill – it certainly seems to be more functional, which of course means it’s also more complicated. However, hopefully it won’t have the same bugs as PageMill.

It hurts!

The really frustrating thing is that at the moment, I feel pretty much OK, 4 doses of drugs throughout the day and a lot of rest mean that just sitting doesn’t hurt. However, I know that after another night of sleep, the muscles will be stiff again, and sitting up will be like ripping my own arm off.

Cracked a rib

Well, all those people who think I sneeze ‘too loudly’ will be dancing in the streets – I’ve sneezed and cracked a rib [sigh]. I got a cough after the flu I had, and spent three days in a hacking-coughing fit, which left me with a pain around the bottom of my ribs on the right side, for about 10 days. Then, last night at around 10:30pm I sneezed and collapsed to the floor as by back lit up in pain. It appears that the cough has either weakened the muscles, or pulled some of then, and then the sneeze has either cracked a rib (if the cough didn’t) or ripped the muscles away between my ribs.

So, I’m in pain. Quite a lot of pain.

There isn’t a position I can ‘rest’ in, in which there isn’t any pain, only some positions which result in less. So I’m sitting at this damn computer, as ever, trying to take my mind off it. It’s fortunate for me that having my arms in a ‘typing’ position is slightly less painful than having them at rest by my side.

Isn’t life fun.

And my monitor is getting worse – and because I no longer trust myself with a credit card, I can’t purchase a new one until I get paid – it would be fairly typical that just when I need this computer
during the coming week (I don’t think I’ll be at work) to keep myself sane, it whines so much I have to turn the bloody thing off.

Y2k 2

Well, we made it into the year 2000 without any serious problems [the guestbook at this site turned out to be non-Y2K compliant, but it’s since been fixed]. The flu’ is almost gone, although I’ve still got something of a cough, and now my stomach/chest muscles hurt from the constant coughing, but these things happen. Grete is feeling much better and almost fully recovered.

Now all we have to do is try and fit our celebration in before we run out of time – since our actual attempts were stopped by illness and work.