Sunday slowdown

Played a bit of EQ, mainly to do some raiding. Helped a friend run a raid for TNT, went really well, enjoyed it greatly. The game can be fun if there’s some specific focus.

EQ2 goes live tomorrow, but I won’t be playing, performance on my machine wasn’t good enough to make it enjoyable long term for one thing (sad considering my machine spec), and to be honest, if I started a new MMORPG I’d want to do it with a bunch of people I knew, at the same time, who played in my timezone, so we could keep one character in the right range to play together. That’s the mistake I made in EQ.

Slowly getting the websites sorted out, stuck a discussion forum onto the Gemmell Mania site, should have more time to keep up with it than lats time, hopefully it’ll generate some interest. Need to consider revamping the front-end, perhaps using PostNuke or something of that ilk, or just moving the entire sit into the BB section, with admin only forums for news / content / etc.


Moved Grete’s pages across to the domain, Grete’s promised to update the content at some stage.

The less said about work the better.

Thought I’d be tempted to play EQ, but not even remotely interested, it’s probably a phase, and I’ll feel like playing soon, but we’ll see how that turns out.


Over a year since I wrote a diary entry? An entire year has passed without comment. Time flies when your job sucks eh?

It’s just possible I might be over my everquest addiction, time will tell, but I got quite excited about the prospect of getting back to some web development stuff, we’ll have to see if my black moods get in the way of that, but I can always fall back on Age of Mythology – destroying the gods of other pantheons is always a good way to relieve stress.

Moved the diary to the pages, almost a year after I promised to do it, I’ve nearly shut down the .org stuff, I will click that button soon and do it. Need to work on moving Grete’s pages across as well, and getting those sorted out for her.

Feels good to be back.