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It was the darkest of times ….

Getting to the end of the week, and several more people have been told they need to find alternative employment, as the company moves into a phase of ‘involuntary separation’. Mood on-site is pretty bad as friends find out they’re no longer required. Not much else to add.

Busy but Progressing

Pretty busy at work, as you can imagine considering we’re 1/3rd the size we used to be in this team. Probably means a lot more out-of-hours work for me over the next few weeks, including evenings and weekends. Sort of a mixed blessing, I can always use the extra cash, but it eats into work-life balance, which is already skewed towards work due to the energy it uses up staying positive. But, we move closer and closer towards the day we finally pay off the 10k loan, and that means we’re £200 a month better off, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for nearly 7 years.


Blurgh it’s early, after a week off work getting up at 10am it’s going to take a few days to get back into the concept of getting up at 7:30am, never mind being able to actually do it without feeling like a week old corpse. I’ll try not to post exactly this same blog entry every morning when I get up for the next week 😉 Assume I’m ‘blurgh’ until further notice.


Moved Grete’s pages across to the .co.uk. domain, Grete’s promised to update the content at some stage.

The less said about work the better.

Thought I’d be tempted to play EQ, but not even remotely interested, it’s probably a phase, and I’ll feel like playing soon, but we’ll see how that turns out.


So, it’s signed, it’s a done deal. As of November 1st I work for IBM, and not my present employer anymore. All change is scary, but I’m pretty ok with this at the moment.


Another day at the office to look forward to then. Starting to get hard to motivate myself to go in. Oh well. This is what outsourcing does to a place. And near the point of signing the contract the company reassures itself it’s the right thing to do by say, ‘look, look how bad our productivity is, look how little we currently get for our money’.


Of course, now I can’t sleep!

I’m on call, which always leaves me on edge, had some kip earlier because then I was tired, and I’m always on a bit of a high after developing code and new websites. So, I’ve been lying there for half an hour with things buzzing through my head. Not worth trying. I’ll sit here until I get sleep again, and then go to bed.