So, do I paint for a bit, or play more Baldur’s Gate II, or just smooch around the ‘net for a while. Choices choices.

What was the TV program presented by Dr Heinz Wolf called? The Great Egg Race seems to spring to mind? Kind of like Scrapheap is, but on a smaller scale, and more boffin-oriented.

Scrapheap is, without a doubt, the best television program of the last decade. You have to love it.

Robot Wars comes close – I have these visions of loved old folk having to sit at home and watch it because their sons and grandsons and daughters and granddaughters have nicked their wheelchair motors to power their latest tin-monstrosity.


Ok, ok, so I’m terrible at keeping my diary up-to-date, what else is new 😉

Grete’s away at the moment in Brighton, so I’m missing her terribly 🙁 I’m addicted to Baldur’s Gate II which is her fault anyway! 😉 Just finishing off the chapter 3 quests before starting out on chapter 4.

Work is pretty dire at the moment, team mates are great, but it’s performance management season, which is a bit like the hunting season with noisy honest blunt staff members on the menu.

Ah well, we endure.

Still haven’t sold the house, starting to get very worried about that now. Finances are getting out of control again, and my ‘control freakishness’ is becoming a serious issue.

I’m sure we’ll be fine!


Grete’s suffering badly at the moment, her anxiety and depression is pretty bad. We nearly had her admitted to hospital, but decided against it at the last minute. She’s better off here, at home, where she’s familiar with things, and where I can keep her safe.