loan shmoan

it’s gone.
no more.

today was the last payment on my 7 year loan.

i’m ridiculously emotional about it.

Tirranun – Trounced

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

Not looking so happy and smug NOW are you Tirranun. Amazing work from *everyone* tonight, Tirranun fell to the TNF raid force on our 3rd attempt. Perfect execution, grats to those that won loot. TNF’s first DoN dragon and arguably most challenging encounter so far. Grats also to Enchy and Swifit who took one step closer to their epics.

So it begins

Full car load of stuff just went to the local tip. Several black bags of paperwork, old casette tapes, boxes, bags, boots, magazines, etc., etc., etc. The back bedroom is looking MUCH clearer. Still full mind, but a hell of a lot better than it’s been since we moved in. There’s a serious risk of being able to see the floor in all 3 bedrooms *at the same time*.

Caught Up!

So we’ve caught up with friends, Andy, Chris & Christine, Sarah & Michael after about 2 years. We’ve promised them it won’t be another 2! We’ve booked Maelstrom as well, so if you knew us from the Omega LRP campaign you should see us at Maelstrom in June.

We’ve spent a week or so now seeing friends, sorting Maelstrom, testing reading some stuff for David Gemmell, getting out of the house, sorting the back bedroom, picking up one or two other DIY bits and pieces and generally moving our life forward a bit, which is a little unusual. It’s meant less time in EQ than normal but I can’t think of a psychologist on the planet who would describe that as bad. We’ve probably burned ourselves out a bit on life and I should think we’ll be a bit busy in EQ for a few days catching up with those friends.

I may try and fix the clothes rail in Grete’s wardrobe tonight if I get time, have to see how I feel, generally really down at the moment, not sure of any specific cause other than my usual ‘worrying about everything related to money’ thing.

Root of All Evil

Money, it’s true.

So we decide we’re going to go to Maelstrom, if we’re careful with cash we’ll be ok. Then we remember about the Car so that’ll hurt, but that was going to hurt anyway. And then my monitor at home starts playing up, looks like the start of a slow death, so there’s another £100-£200 we’ll need. Then parts of the bedroom start falling down (clothes rail) and I shouldn’t imagine it’ll be much to fix, but when you’re me and you’re already worried about everything[tm] and money mainly, it’s just ‘another thing’ to add to the growing list.

(Including the rotting woodwork around the front door frame on the house, and the rotting woodwork near the back door and the rotten decking).


Lilac Heaven

We did it, we finished a bedroom. It’s a small bedroom, my mum could decorate it in half an hour between feeding 2 kids and her job, but hey, it’s our second one. We finished the last two walls today, put another coat on the first two (hopefully we learned and put more paint on the last two) and finished the trim around the window and stuff.

We *finally* put furniture into the room after over two years of being in the house and using it as a dumping ground.

Now we can start sorting out the back bedroom and moving things around in there, since we have some space.

Battlemaster Bested us!

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

We nailed Battlemaster but were overwhelmed by the additional mobs in the script, but we’ve learned a little more and we’ll do better next time! The troop has a new nemesis, he’s brown and ugly and carries a big axe. We’ll be back.

Room progress update

2 full walls painted lilac (side walls), leaving the ‘door’ wall and ‘window’ wall left to do. We had to repair some wallpaper on those walls so we didn’t do them today, and we want to paint the woodwork around the door frame (which we forgot when doing the other side of the room) so we’ll do that first.

Nearly done, feels weird to be decorating.

I think we’re basically decided to try and make it to Maelstrom as well, if we can get our booking in before the deadline.

Car MOT due in June, from the same pay packet we’ll need to use to go to Malestrom – but screw it – it’s only money (car will be at *least* £400 I think).


I’m angry, it seems. At work? At my employer? At my life? Not sure, but I’m certainly ‘an angry old man’ without being that old. It’s an amusing archetype sometimes, but I think it generally translates to ‘someone who doesn’t have enough patience’. I should work on that. It’s probably that it’s my control freakery as well.

I must work on that – I must stop trying to control my environment and the other people in my environment.

I could make that my new year resolution for 2007. So until then – watch out.