You’ve got to love laptops 😉

Why is Shadow Warriors such a scary movie? How can anyone write such a terrible script, and then pay such terrible actors to play the parts!

Why does Chinese food make my mouth so dry?

Why does coca cola really taste better when it’s around 0 or 1 degrees C?


Just read my web page again, you know, passing the time, and spotted the comment where I said I’d be updating my diary ‘almost daily’ thanks to LiveJournal.

Well, erm, I guess not. I guess I’ll be updating it whenever I’ve got the emotional energy to do so, which depends on how crap work has been and generally how depressed I’m feeling.

Generally, at the moment, I’m quite upbeat. Grete certainly seems quite well.

The drain on our income from having a house and living in rented accommodation is still getting to us, but we’re coping.


Sunday afternoon, lazing by the PC (like my usual days are any different!) eating my lentil soup.

Waiting for Grete to get ready, and then we’re off to Andy’s, probably for a bit of B&B (boardgames and Buffy).

I can’t decide if I like Lentil soup more than I like Pea soup.


Another day, another dollar

Finally worked out where my ‘keeping track of finances’ was going wrong. I’ve been ignoring interest on the account when catching up, because I hadn’t realised it had gotten up to £4.71 a month. After 6 or 7 months, that’s quite a bit.

Still, all sorted now (I hope) so we should be back on track.

I’ve managed to keep my promise to myself, and do some painting every night. Don’t seem to be getting very much done, but at least I’m doing some. More info on the painting page.

Work was ok, we’re finally getting to grips with our active tasks, looking forward to having another new team member soon.

Dim Sum 🙂 25th September 🙂 Can’t wait.

Pay Day :)) 20th September, have to wait 🙁

I wonder, am I really iNTj, or do I just wish I was?

Rain ………..

Mashed Potato

I LOVE mashed potato, with a bit of milk and butter, and all beaten and fluffy 🙂 With loads of thick dark brown gravy.

And meat.

But it takes an age to cook, and I’m hungry right now!!! Ah well, it’s worth the wait (and it’s weight in gold).


I’m going to try going to bed again. I don’t think the warmth in this house helps. But then, having four PC’s and a stuff load of peripheral’s plugged in and turned on 24 hours a day helps either.

Dangerous times

Another diary 😉

Ok, I’ve added another diary! This time, for the roleplaying section of the site. Hopefully I’ll keep it up-to-date with ongoing roleplaying activity.

3:15am and I’m still not that sleepy. This is a dangerous time for me, I’m likely to implement random features in NewsMangler, or write entire new websites.

So, it’s 2:30am, and I can’t sleep.

Or rather, I’ve been asleep since 10’ish (very early for me), the small cat woke me up, I’ve been to the loo, and then back to bed.

But I can’t sleep.

My body probably thinks it’s time to get up, 4 hours sleep is roughly what I get anyway. But I guess if I sit and stare at this for a while, eventually I’ll get sleep again, and grab some more sleep before getting up. Actually looking forward to work tomorrow, got a server to build, something specific to do with short timescales, just the kind of thing I like.

Painting Diary and other Things

Well, my finger is starting to heal. Gentle scab forming (which is nice), got rid of some loose, dry, dead skin earlier with the toenail clippers. Have had it bandage-free since I got back from work which is helping.

Can’t believe this fuel thing, weird. We’ve got enough petrol (4star LRP, still a bit to be had) to last us until the weekend I guess. See what happens then. I can’t believe people think the government should cave-in, even if taxes are too high, they can’t knee-jerk, otherwise it’ll spell disaster. The money has to come from somewhere, otherwise next year people will be moaning that schools and the NHS are suffering.

I’ve opened a new diary at the Live Journal site, to record my miniature painting activity, instead of half in here and half on the old pages. You can get to it here. Ah well, back to the paint pot.