So I’ve wandered out of my Everquest induced haze. Being offline for three weeks while moving house and waiting for ADSL has sort of made me go Everquest cold turkey. And while I’ve played a couple of times since getting connected, I don’t feel obliged/the need to play all the time, so I’m doing more and more of the ‘net stuff I used to. Hence this diary entry.

New house is nice, much nicer than the old place. Feels more like a home already.

Spending most of today writing procmail scripts to bin the latest virus/worm/e-mail infection, looks pretty virulent, had a few hundred in a short period (few hours). Probably because the e-mail looks pretty legit and convincing.

Thinking of a revamp for the web pages, perhaps changing to a new domain to move away from my spam-filled darkstorm.co.uk e-mail addresses, or perhaps just moving more stuff to the darkstorm.co.uk site, dunno yet.