Well, filling in a diary obviously isn’t something I’m very good at it would seem, sorry for that.

I’ve been working just about every day for about three weeks now, thanks 3Com, so glad you pulled out of the router business.

Money is still weird, life is still weird, houses are still depressing, loans are still annoying.

I’m still totally failing to keep in touch why any friends. I doubt I’ll have any left at this rate.

Grete is still amazingly wonderful.

New Monitor

Well, earned a little bit of extra cash doing some overtime, and thought I’d buy a new monitor. Went for a Sony Trinitron, they’re always good value.

You can see the £250 17″ monitor here and here.

RIP – Douglas Adams

It still hasn’t really sunk in. Douglas Adams is dead. No matter how many times I use the words, it still doesn’t really sink in.

I can see the closing credits of the TV series, the spaceman floating in space, that dodgy tune, and it brings back memories of being young and still understanding what Douglas was saying. A TV program for ‘grown-ups’ which I understood, which reached out to me, which said, yes the world is absurd, and it doesn’t get any better, but if you laugh hard enough it doesn’t matter as much.

I’m not usually affected by ‘celebrity death’. I don’t really idolise people, or feel like I know people that I haven’t actually met. But I feel like I miss Douglas already.

I found Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency such as soul-touching book. I can’t explain why. I’m not sure I’d want to if I could. But I just felt as though it fit me like an old coat.

In an interview with Stan Nicholls, Douglas said, “A lot of comedy is surprise and defeating expectations, and you’ve first got to create a set of expectations …”

I expected him to live forever. I suppose he had the last laugh.

So, goodbye Douglas.

It’s been 10 years

It’s like 10 years since I wrote anything in the diary. Kind of.

Well, work has been insanely busy, and will be until the end of May, the last Omega event was cool, although it was muddy and we lost our car keys (which wasn’t cheap). Looking forward to the August event.

Life is generally ok, Grete’s really busy with friends and the gym and am-dram 😉

Will write more when the world slows down for ten minutes.