Quick entry

Hello, a quick diary entry at 3am. We did do MERP, it was excellent, I’ve started an on-line MERP diary thing, here.

I’ve been playing with some software which can take photo’s from our Fuji camera and then upload it to the web, you can see the results here, BladeCam. When I’m online and feeling like it, it takes
photo’s every few minutes, the javascript window refreshes every thirty seconds.

Once again we’re up very late, playing with our new 0800 Internet Access 😉 Won’t save us any money though, since we use it even more during the week, and that’s at normal rate, but, it feels like we’re on holiday 😉

Another day

Another day, another diary entry.

Why do I always feel so tired! Probably because I’m terribly unfit and unhealthy, but I don’t want the truth, I want nice soft illusion.

Hopefully we’ll be roleplaying again this coming Thursday – picking up the MERP campaign where we left it – once we’ve all worked out where we left it that is.


I hate intolerant people, and what I hate most, is when they make me become intolerant, because then I have to hate myself, and there’s enough of that going on already.

Random stuffage

Finally recovered from the LRP experience 😉 Planning the next one.

I’m wondering about how the photo’s are laid out in the Eolas and JAGW sites. Not sure if I can come up with a better method, that doesn’t involve ‘too’ much work, but I’ll keep thinking.

Haven’t done any roleplaying for ages – hopefully will be playing some more with Tony and Ness this coming Monday, and with any luck, we’ll get back into regular sessions with Andy, Chris and Christine once Autumn/Winter sets in.

Gathering too

I’m still knackered! We went to The Gathering again this year (Live Action Roleplaying event in Derby), and it was pretty hard work, not just the carrying of tents, but the fighting and wandering about takes it out of you. Was excellent fun though.

Back to work – hoping to win the lottery this weekend.