A Mixed Bag

Well, I’m probably going to be outsourced to IBM or Xansa. Again. I think I’ll stick out the process this time. See how it goes. I’m not as apprehensive as some folk are about it, probably because I’ve been through most of it before, but also because the company had already lost my loyalty and respect anyway.

House sale is still ongoing – not heard anything back after signing the last thingy, which we’re still taking as good news 😉 With any luck we’ll make a couple-o-hundred quid when it does sell. Might need a short notice trip to go and empty the place though. It’s a touch bizarre selling a house you don’t live in, because I feel as though I should be moving house.

I’m being a bit of a bastard at work at the moment. Saying things I would normally keep to myself, being even more arrogant and obstreperous than normal. I’m not totally sure about the cause, probably some element of frustration over the slow moving nature of the place, the constant change of structure, and the serious lack of direction. I need to try and calm down, regain some kind of control, and stop putting people’s backs up – it’s not doing me any good what-so-ever either emotionally or professionally. Ho hum.

House! Bingo!

Today I signed something, which hopefully was a contract for the sale of my house. Things look very promising indeed. Had all the right words on it, and it’s been sent off. Having never sold a house I’m still in two minds about whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but hopefully it’s a good thing. Fingers still crossed, it’s not over until the Halifax no longer demands mortgage payments from me, and then it’s cigars and cream cakes all around.

Work is still strained. While I’m home I tell myself to just knuckle down, keep my gob shut, get on with the work, bring home the money and just keep a clean sheet. I get to work, shoot my mouth off, stick up for my bloody principles and all hell breaks loose. I come home, repeat ad infinitum. Oh well.


Omega LRP event was very relaxing, and probably enjoyable. The weather wasn’t terrible either which made the whole thing easier to deal with. And now it’s over, I’m much more relaxed.

Tomorrow we’re off to get some books signed by David Gemmell, which is nice 😉

We’ve sent off more paperwork for the house, which I hope means that it is going ahead. I guess the buyer will want us to empty the place, although I’m not sure.