Keep thinking about re-writing this page to use perl/cgi, so that I can add entries from anywhere with web browser access. But I probably won’t, I can always FTP it down from anywhere and make the
changes manually, which is safer.

Grete’s not well – got some sort of cold/virus thing that’s going around at the moment. Get well e-mails to [removed] if you please 😉

Simes has done what we knew he would 😉 Index4 is coming …

House woe

One day I will work out how to manage my own bank account. Ah well. Anyone want to buy a house? In Stockton? Make a nice holiday home, suit someone who likes painting, decorating, DIY and gardening.

Crystal Ball

Well, another lazy day spent playing with 0800 Internet Access – slow, usually broken, and annoying, but free calls non-the-less.

I hold out hope for the day Internet calls become either free or un-metered.

Y2k Compliant

All new entries to this diary are year 2000 compliant. 😉

Well, e-mail to proved unreliable [as in, I think we’ve lost about 36-48 hours worth of mail down a blackhole], and their tech support proved un-interested so I’ve moved e-mail back to for both myself and Grete.

Would someone kindly donate me a T1 so that I can show people how to run a web/e-mail service and keep your customers happy at the same time.

Glad it’s the weekend – although this week at work was one of the better ones for quite a while to be honest.

Money’s a problem again I wish I had more control over my own spending urges.