Totally Fruitless

So I purchased a pineapple, two mangos, a tub of kiwi fruit and two melons last night, with the intent of making some little fruit bowls to bring to work, since I can’t get the ones I want here any more.

Spent 30-50 minutes last night chopping it all up, putting it into air-tight containers (6) and whacking them in the fridge.

And then left home this morning without picking one up. I’m working from home tomorrow so wouldn’t normally be after any fruit anyway, and by Thursday I’m sure they’ll be turning and going off.

2 thoughts on “Totally Fruitless”

  1. I hate when I do this (which is every single time I try to pre-prep food).

    You just have to gorge on fruit for every meal at home until you remember to bring it in.


  2. Yeh, we both had some last night and I had some for lunch today, they’re really tasty! Looks like the fruit is lasting longer than I hoped, so I should get to take some to work tomorrow.


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