The paperwork for the house has arrived! I know, I know, I can’t believe it either. But here it is, to be filled in, and sent off, so the process can keep on going.

And, it looks like we’re going to come out in the black!

i think

we may have sold our house.

I don’t understand much of the house selling process, but the guy at the estate agent has said that our solicitors have been instructed to deal with the sale, so while the client can still pull out, it would seem he doesn’t intent to.

we feel weird

Ok, cross your fingers

Well, well, well. We are in a position where-by we may be selling our house. Offers have been sent and received, and the process is moving onwards, and the person seems interested. Phone message today said that the soliciters have been notified, and if we do close, it will be complete within three to four weeks. So, cross your fingers, non optional.

Eh? What do you mean it’s 2003

So where the hell have the last few months one? One minute it’s Christmas, and then next minute it’s March and I’m nearly 32. World gone crazy, that’s what I think – someone’s messing with time. Still playing EverQuest too much, outsourcing at work is complete, now we’re being ‘voluntarily harmonised’ onto our new employers terms and conditions, not roleplaying as much because it seem complex to get together with the other players, it’s probably a phase. Trying hard to get back on top of e-mail and website updates. Must try harder.


Our house is being valued, by the mortgage company of a potential buyer.

Nope, even now those words don’t quite sink in. But they are true none-the-less. Fingers crossed everyone.


Scientific experiments have shown it takes me four days to relax after being at work for a week. Friday and Saturday are days where I feel the need to be busy, because I’m still on that ‘must meet deadlines’ sensation from work. Sunday I’m just in recovery, and generally full of sloth. By Monday, if I wasn’t at work, I’d be ready to paint or do stuff for myself again. I really could do 4 day working weeks I think, which would give me one day in seven that I could whatever I wanted for myself, and actually have the energy to do so.

I’m sure some people would just say ‘oh get on and do it and just pull yourself together’ but not everyone works that way.

On the plus side, at least work is interesting and busy again.