I can’t believe it’s a year, nearly a whole fucking year since I visited the house last. And I read back over the diary entries, and nothing has changed, I’m still hiding, still getting down about it, still pretending it’ll go away, still not sorting it out.

Trying again

So, we try again

Some things in life are constants,

  1. I still have a house I neither want nor can sell.
  2. Cars are still too expensive to make sense
  3. This house still causes us hassle, and the fact that the back gate was broken by a friend doesn’t help

Some things in life are variables,

  • Work varies. Currently it’s about 60% ok and 40% nightmare.
  • Money varies, sometimes we’re doing ok, other times like this month, we’re really short
  • My mood varies, sometimes I think I’m depressed and should seek medical help, other times I think I’m depressed and should just cope with it and get on and deal with it. Which isn’t fair on Grete, but then life isn’t fair.

Nearly a year since we visited the Other House. I guess keeping our heads buried isn’t really achieving much, but it sure does make life a hell of a lot easier to cope with.

Saw Harry Potter, it was ok, my thoughts here, and Grete’s here. If anyone can invent stuff, I need something wireless which attaches to my head, works out my current condition, and then updates the condition monitor automagically without me needing to do it myself.

It’s amazingly therapeutic writing in a diary, I really wish I could generate the enthusiasm to do it more often – to those who mail me and remind me to do it – keep it up.

Gemmell Mania goes from strength to strength, I’m proud to say that if you stick David Gemmell into the Google Search box, Gemmell Mania is the first link to come back. That cheered me up. Anyone reading this who likes heroic fantasy fiction and hasn’t read any David Gemmell, for shame on you, go buy some right now (and use the links from this page ‘cos we get a little commission then 😉

I really wish I could work out how to keep friends, I appear to allow mine to slip through a net, 30 and fewer friends than fingers, I don’t think that’s right.

It’s odd, knowing people you know will read this, but deciding not to care, odd indeed.

Nearly Christmas, not sure if that’s a good thing. However, it’s also nearly time for Lord of the Rings in the cinema, and that is a Good Thing[tm]. Saw a trailer for it in front of Harry Potter, and it looks astounding. The trailer was good on the PC, but on a cinema screen it was breathtaking. Boy am I excited.

Got Grete a new PC, 1.9GHz P4, nice box. Means I get to play with her old PII 400MHz box, which is now running debian, and has replaced the old P100 that was our mail/news server. It has also finally replaced the P140 that was the printer/shared disk server (and had the tape drive in it). Quite please with how it’s working now, and it can handle a hell of a lot more news/mail than the older boxes.