Life is good

Hmm, things are better 🙂 Several things have happened to ensure that certain dick heads in the world don’t get me down too much.

Life is good 🙂


Hey, not bad, 10 days this time.

I’ve got a cold, I hate colds.

We’re now gearing up to play Shadowrun, I think we’d got tired of the MERP/Rolemaster rules, more than the game, so we’re having a break before going back to it.

I am continually annoyed by the dichotomy caused by having a moral code, and living by it, only to find those without such a code can rubbish you, and you can’t respond. I don’t want to respond, I’m
happy with the way I live my life, the way I do things, and my wife and friends ensure that I keep my feet on the ground. I find it highly offensive when people make public things you say in private, like personal e-mail.

And so, when presented with a problem which forces me to decide about making public comments made to me to defend myself, or not defending myself, I find I have to choose the latter. I can’t complain about others making public my private thoughts, and so I can’t make the comments of others public, even if doing so would support my stance, or actions.

On the whole, I think I prefer to be this way, I know I have some integrity, some moral code which I live by. I’m sure those people who don’t follow that code have their own, and they think their actions are honourable, but I am saddened at the lack of, searches for the right word, common sense is perhaps the wrong word [phase], but the nearest I can find, shown by some people who assume silence means guilt.

I am silent, because I refuse to use the tactics of those who lie about me, not because those lies are true.

Anyway, life goes on – as ever.

Hopefully this cold will go soon as well, I’ll need all my energy for tomorrows Shadowrun session.


I know, I know, another month since the last update! What can I say, sometimes it’s just hard to motivate yourself. Grete’s much better 🙂

Spent far too much money and bought an entire Warhammer Vampire Counts army, which I now have to paint 😉 Should keep me occupied anyway.

Probably more later …