Tried sleeping at 11pm, didn’t work, too many distractions. Why do people feel it’s ok to shout at each other, rev their car engines and beep their horns at 11pm?

So here I am, playing EQ at midnight.

On Hold?

Ok, so I wrote my life was on hold, and I’ve done something about it. Replied to an inbox full of stuff, started reading the mailing lists I’m on again, and in a moment I’m going to tidy up the Gemmell Mania stuff that needs dealing with.


Finally cleared my inbox, replied to everything that needed a reply, most of them from March!!

I must manage my inbox

I must manage my inbox

I must manage my inbox

I must manage my inbox

On Hold

I feel like my life has just gone on hold, waiting for the outcome of the house sale. It’s always kinda been ongoing, but this second time as we’ve got to the contract stage, I just feel like things are hanging, waiting, just not much happening, awaiting the outcome of the sale. Ah well, time will tell.


Another day at the office to look forward to then. Starting to get hard to motivate myself to go in. Oh well. This is what outsourcing does to a place. And near the point of signing the contract the company reassures itself it’s the right thing to do by say, ‘look, look how bad our productivity is, look how little we currently get for our money’.

Deja Law

Sent the legal stuff back to the solicitors yesterday, so the house sale is still (once again) going forwards. If you’re a race which has fingers, please cross them for us.