Elemental Progress

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

On Friday the 29th of September the Truly Naughty Friends raid leaders announced our intent to form an alliance with Prophets of the Myst, to beat the four Elemental raid events and flag as many raiders from both raid teams as we could, for the Plane of Time (link here).

Since then, the Gods have been quaking in their boots (and high-heels[1], and in the case of one god, tentacles). The first week saw the new alliance plow through the ‘fun’ that describes the rings in the Plane of Earth. Despite two rings being bugged (one not working, one triggered 3 times!) we managed to spawn the Mystical Arbitor, rush to him, and laid him flat on his earth elemental ass. We would have shouted in joy – but our souls had been sapped by the endless trash that this raid revolves around, so we just drank hot drinks and ate cake instead.

A week of recovery, and the alliance swam silently into Coirnav’s home. Giant-cthulhu squids aren’t known for their hearing, and he totally missed the 50-odd people hanging around outside his enclosure. He didn’t notice as we cleared some of his fish-spawn. Eventually we got his attention by turning his so-called guardian into fish-paste and using his scales as decorative jewellery. He summoned his champions, who we turned into sushi, and while he made some half-hearted attempt at confusing us by calling forth a horde of ugly squib-fish, he failed, and we feasted on Roasted Calimari that night.

We quickly reformed, and dried our clothes in the heat of the Plane of Fire. Fresh from our victory against Squid-head just moments before, we swarmed towards Fennin’s castle, his Chancellors put up little resistance and chicken-legs himself came forth to defeat us. Which was pretty dumb of him because we ambushed him and nailed his chicken-feet to the fake wall.

Two gods down, two more shields to everyone in the alliance, and a week to reflect.

The Plane of Air, more endless trash to get keyed to Xegony Queen of Flirting? Perhaps, but a secret weapon, Dheath the Necromancer was three quarters keyed and willing to die for the cause. We just needed to defeat one ring, the Dust Ring, the ring that used to make warriors cry like babies. But no more, we had a plan, we had more enchanters than you can shake a stick at, and we were hungry for fricassee faerie wings. The dust ring fell in about 90 minutes of clearing and killing, the spiders at the end, once feared, were no match for the raid force and we rush the Avatar of Dust, keyed Dheath and marched back to the Rainbow. We spent over an hour moving the raid force onto Xegony’s island, including 85’s and people who needed the flag, longer than we had hoped, but the raid force kept their spirits high and no one camped in disgust. We went over the strat, we setup, we pulled Xegony … she flirted, she sang, she taunted, she twirled, but all in vain. For she died, and her waves of defenders could do naught to get past the forces aligned against them.

We had no butter, so we had sautéed faerie wings instead.

Three gods down, the Rathe Council standing in our way … 12 council men preventing us from our ultimate goal. The Avatar of Earth hiding behind his 12 council men. Already he quakes in fear (see how I did that, Earth? Quake?).

We must bolster our forces, ensure that when we enter Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve we are at full strength, and so we may well re-visit the earth rings once more. We may test ourselves against one or more of the other three once defeated gods again, before moving on. But the Avatar need not think he is safe, we are coming, soon, and his council men will provide him no succor from our wrath.

[1] Fennin Ro denies the implication that he wears high-heels, and his legal team is prepared to back that up with money.