Gemmell Mania

I’m quite proud of Gemmell Mania. It seems to be attracting a steady stream of visitors, even if it’s not thousands a day, and the comments in the guestbook are quite favourable.

It certainly feels like I’ve achieved something with the site.


Gemmell Mania is over 10,000 hits now!

I’ve changed the author recommendations bit to use PHP3 and mySQL, which is much cooler. I need to change the reviews to do the same, but I’m not sure how far to go.

Life is generally moving onwards. Still need to find a buyer for the house, if you are thinking of moving to Stockon on Tees, let me know.


Managed to put some more time in and get the Gemmell Mania website updated. A whole bunch of reviews, some recommendations, book release dates, and an HTML version of the character anthology put together by the excellent folk on the GemmellFantasy mailing list.

I still feel like re-organising this site, moving the miniatures off onto their own bit, making it easier to browse the images, but I’m not certain – I quite like the layout as it is.


Another day another dollar.

Didn’t make it to work today. Spent over an hour in the car just getting to the edge of where we live (i.e. one mile) with another 6 miles ahead of us. Grete had to go to Birmingham, so we turned around, I stayed at home, and she headed off.

Dunno why I’m so down all the time at the moment, but I’m not being very stable at work either, which I really do need to fix.

Charlie’s Angels

So, been back in for an hour or so [written on Saturday 2/11/2000], after seeing Charlie’s Angels in the cinema.

Fantastic! Totally fantastic.

I was really disappointed with Mission Impossible II, I loved the first one, it had everything, charisma, some plot, on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments, and some excellent script moments. MI2 however, had none of this. Oh it had some action, and a bit of plot, and some odd lines, but there was no charisma, no imagery with which to lose myself in.

I fell in love with the Matrix. Just amazing, brave camera work, astoundingly brave imagery and directing, charisma oozing from every moment.

And now, I’m in love with Charlie’s Angels.

It’s a comedy action movie, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. It manages to pay homage to a number of movies which I also adore, True Lies, Matrix, Mission Impossible, and several others I can’t remember now. The camera work is beautiful, the hong-kong wire work is amazing, the fight scenes are entertaining and gorgeous, the script was funny, the parody was subtle and amusing, unlike the recent ‘lampoon’ style movies.

And most of all – it had charisma.



There’s a scene which is replayed again, in slow motion, to show how one of the Angel’s avoids a bullet. They don’t just play the scene twice, they rewind the movie and play it back in slow motion from new angles. Not as clunky as writing it sounds. But very brave. To know that you already have your audience hooked and that you can stop the action, prove that this isn’t real life and play it back is a brave move in the action movie world.

Some of the photography and scene layout was reminiscent of anime, another brave use of the camera for the action movie genre. Sure, we’ve had this stuff in the past, in art movies, in more serious movies, but never in a movie with this much pace. Matrix set the standard, and this movie picks up it, pokes fun at it, and then buffs the edges.

Some movies make you feel good, there’s just no way to hide from it. There’s not much plot in this movie, no more than the TV series, but who cares, the girls obviously had fun making it, that much shows through, the action is excellent, and the entertainment is none stop.

We aren’t subjected to the 45 minute introduction we got in X-Men, and I wasn’t bombarded with hype.

Gladiator made me feel good, and had charisma, and even though the hero doesn’t make it, the movie makes you feel good because good won out, over evil[tm], and our hero never backed down, never gave an inch, never stooped to the depths of the enemy.

But it also makes you think, and makes you wonder, and makes you feel.

Not Angels. No thinking required, switch off the IQ, open the eyes, widen the ears, pop two adrenalin pills, ensure your emotion detector is set to happy, insert tongue between teeth and head out on a rip roaring ride of wonder and fun.

Please sir, can I have some more?