Random Update – The Gym

My first gym session was the 27th of July 2011.  Until then, I’d basically never done any exercise for the sake of it.  The status summary after lots of sessions is – still fat, but the devil is in the detail.  It’s entirely obvious now that I recover better after the aerobic equipment, and for me, that was most of the aim of going in the first place.  I was sick of not only being out of breath after exerting myself, but having to spend too long recovering my breath.

The aerobic stuff in the gym still gets me out of breath, still makes me feel knackered but I’m recovered in a much, much shorter period of time.  I’m pleased.

So I’m not visibly losing weight and I’m not about to start running any distance, but I’m definitely feeling the benefit.  It’s also true that I’m still not enjoying the actual exercise.  It’s not a chore as such, but it’s not something I do with any relish.  Having said that, I was looking forward to the overall session yesterday in the hope that it would work out some of the anger and frustration that had built up that day at work, and it did.

All in all, it’s been a good life change so far.