It’s cold

It’s really cold, so I’m shivering as I type this – I guess I should go and buy some more gas, but it’s colder out there than it is in here, so I’ve not gone yet. It’s been ages since I updated the diary, sorry about that (hey, what do you care), but the main problem is that I (we) seem to have a social life finally!

We’re no longer playing just MERP in the roleplaying sessions on Sunday’s, we’re alternating between Warhammer, Fading Suns, Force Lords, MERP, Xena & Hercules. In our Thursday games with Ness and Tony we’re playing Warhammer again, which is good, ‘cos I like Warhammer FRP!!

Managed to get a David Gemmell newsgroup together, which is picking up support, alt.books.david-gemmell, so if you’re a fan, why not wander along.

Planning on doing lots of LRP this year, finances willing, probably going to this one, and then the Gathering, and probably some/all of the Moots (possibly Heartland games, although that’s stretching the money a bit).

You’ll be pleased to know that the heating has finally kicked in, our last £2.00 is slowly decreasing, and I’m preparing to head off into the big outside to get some more gas. Wish me luck.