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Tendonitis of the Thumb – Most Popular Internet Topic Ever

My blog isn’t very popular on the Internet, as a whole. I’m obviously not surprised, it’s virtually free of content, it’s about me and my life rather than world changing events and it’s well, a bit crap. But I’m also a geek so I check the web site stats every now and again, and track them using Google Analytics, because I can.

And it turns out, if you want to write semi-popular Blogs, you should write about Tendonitis of the Thumb.

I did (here), and it’s the most read page in the entire blog. Weird, but true. In the last month it has accounted for 44% of the page views of the entire blog. It’s the top landing page for the blog, and it shows up on google somewhere between the top 5 and top 20 pages if you search for “Tendonitis of the thumb“. Today, it’s number 7 in the list.

So if you do want to write popular web pages, I recommend writing about ailments, and sore thumbs specifically.


Yeh it’s weak, but it was the best pun on Thumb Update I could come up with. Within 1 day of taking the tablets the ‘contact’ pain was gone (i.e. if I banged my thumb it didn’t hurt), and only stressing the tendons still hurt. A few days in now, and the pain comes and goes. I’m obviously still using my thumb too much, because at the end of the day it’s pretty sore. I need to try and relax it more I guess. Not easy to do in my line of work. Today the skin where the tendons go from my thumb, past my wrist to my arm is very tender, I wonder if that’s referred or if it’s the actual tendons themselves I can feel which are sore.

Anyway, overall I’d say it’s making good progress. How exciting for you all 🙂

In other news, got back in touch with my oldest friend from school – which can only be a good thing. I’m very happy about it.

Our Cat and My Thumb

We have a cat, Bubbles, she’s cute. Here she is hiding her face from the camera. She likes to lie on her back and look cute, and attack your hand as you go to stroke her stomach. It’s cute. But, she moans when she can’t go out, a lot, and then she whinges about having to use the litter tray instead of being outside. Anyway, as the nights draw in, and get cooler, we stop her being out so long in the evenings, and hence, her whining level goes up.

Anyone who has cats know that the cute ones look cute, but are just as deadly as the ones that look deadly. We all know that Cat bathing is a martial art. It should be obvious that you should never attempt to engage your cat in any kind of activity in which it’s not fully happy with. But, Bubbles has this ability to pick the right moment to wind you up – she’s like a combination between a stroppy teenager and a 2 year old.

And so revenge is often sweet, while she’s sleeping, I tickle her paws for example. Always funny. Anyway, so there she was, lying on her back as she does, next to my computer chair. All four paws in the air, eyes closed, relaxed. Hah, here’s my chance for some light revenge, I’ll just grab a paw gently and she’ll meow and then do that reflexive back-paw-scrabbling thing she does.

Only, well, she was obviously asleep.

And I always underestimate how sharp her claws are.

And how fast her reactions are.

And how surprised she’d be.

The cut is about 3mm deep, and about 3cm long, on the underside of my thumb. It’s painful, and there was a decent amount of blood.

Oh well, it was worth it for the surprised look on Bubble’s face!