Yeh it’s weak, but it was the best pun on Thumb Update I could come up with. Within 1 day of taking the tablets the ‘contact’ pain was gone (i.e. if I banged my thumb it didn’t hurt), and only stressing the tendons still hurt. A few days in now, and the pain comes and goes. I’m obviously still using my thumb too much, because at the end of the day it’s pretty sore. I need to try and relax it more I guess. Not easy to do in my line of work. Today the skin where the tendons go from my thumb, past my wrist to my arm is very tender, I wonder if that’s referred or if it’s the actual tendons themselves I can feel which are sore.

Anyway, overall I’d say it’s making good progress. How exciting for you all 🙂

In other news, got back in touch with my oldest friend from school – which can only be a good thing. I’m very happy about it.