Tendonitis of the Thumb – Most Popular Internet Topic Ever

My blog isn’t very popular on the Internet, as a whole. I’m obviously not surprised, it’s virtually free of content, it’s about me and my life rather than world changing events and it’s well, a bit crap. But I’m also a geek so I check the web site stats every now and again, and track them using Google Analytics, because I can.

And it turns out, if you want to write semi-popular Blogs, you should write about Tendonitis of the Thumb.

I did (here), and it’s the most read page in the entire blog. Weird, but true. In the last month it has accounted for 44% of the page views of the entire blog. It’s the top landing page for the blog, and it shows up on google somewhere between the top 5 and top 20 pages if you search for “Tendonitis of the thumb“. Today, it’s number 7 in the list.

So if you do want to write popular web pages, I recommend writing about ailments, and sore thumbs specifically.

2 thoughts on “Tendonitis of the Thumb – Most Popular Internet Topic Ever”

  1. Now this is interesting, I have your blog syndicated to my Livejournal. Would RSS feeds show up on your stats?

    Of course, I probably won’t see the answer to this because I don’t ever actually visit your blog. =)

  2. No, only if someone follows a link to the article will that article show up in the stats. The rss feed doesn’t get tracked because it can’t include javascript (and I use Google Analytics for the blogger stuff, since I don’t have direct access to the logs).

    It is interesting though, I wonder if I can find out how many people subscribe to the rss feed (both of you).

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