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Houses, and sleeping and gardens and grass.

WillowTreeI am so tired all the time at the moment, it’s just insane.  I think I’m getting plenty of sleep, despite the heat, but the driving lessons are just screwing with our routine, and myself and Greté are all about the routine!  Driving seems to wear me out as well, even if it’s just the 30 minute drive home, so by the time I sort food and then settle down I’m knackered and just want to sleep.  Everything else is taking a back seat – including the garden which is now officially out of control again.

GrassWe’ve half managed to stay on top of the grass, and I actually did get rid of a patch of moss on the front lawn and get it replaced with grass (which now looks nothing like the rest of the lawn, obviously), but otherwise, the borders have gone crazy and the grass is patchy and full of weeds.

Despite that, we’re loving the wildlife in the garden – we’ve got pigeons nesting in our tree (which we were thinking of cutting down until we saw the nest), we’ve got dragonflies the size of small birds, and when I do cut the grass I’m often picking up and moving frogs out of the way.

FlowerSadly, the snails and the slugs eat just about anything we put in the ground, and they’ve worked out how to climb up the side of the water bucket thing and are eating the lilies and their flowers.  I can’t feel too angry at them, since they’re officially wildlife as well, but sometimes I wish they’ve give the stuff we plant a chance.

The sudden bout of insanely hot weather is doing the garden some good, drying it out after the first half of the year and the willow tree is really flourishing.  There are ants nests all over the bloody garden as well, and what used to be a flat lawn is now a small mountain range!

WoodBeforeOn the house, we noticed toward the end of March that the window sill on the outside of the bedroom window was warped, and we got a joiner to come and quote for a replacement.  He was great – except we had to chase him about 4 times for the quote, and then it took him 8 weeks to come and do the work (he kept pushing us back due to other stuff).  We got him to pull down the woodwork between the bedroom window and the downstairs window as well.  The brickwork behind it isn’t bad but it needs re-pointing.  £315 for the pleasure of replacing a single wooden window sill, and taking down the rest of the wood.  Could have done without it, considering how much I’m spending on driving lessons, but there you go.  The joiner also thinks we’ll need all the window frames treated, so we’ve asked a guy to come over and quote for that too.  That’s the royal we, obviously, since Greté actually sorts all this stuff out for us, I don’t.

WallAfter We’ll need to try and remember which bricklayer we used for the re-pointing last time and give him a call as well.  Looks like the previous owners did some ‘repair work’ with their normal quality.

I have a question, does anyone have any idea what the following bugs are?  They’re in the willow tree, and there’s loads of them.  Nearly every leaf has what looks like a tiny one underneath curled up, or larger ones moving around.  They’re black with a shock of red and they look spiky!

EDIT: They’re ladybird larvae.  Awesome.


And lastly, here’s Bubbles enjoying the shade offered by the willow tree (which made me very pleased we’d planted it).


And here’s our pigeon.


The Good, The Bad and the Brick Work

A day of two halves.  Our car is dying.  I hate cars.  You know that if you’ve read more than 2 posts on this blog.  I hate them and they hate me.  We can’t afford to buy into owning one at the right level where you can trade them in at the end and get another, so we run them into the ground, end up paying over the odds for maintenance and then manage to scrape together enough money to buy a new one when they die.

So here we are again.

However, in good news, the guy a friend recommended came around today and fixed our brickwork.  Let me tell you, it’s a weight the size of Everest off my shoulders, dampened only by the news of the car (which we got today).

This is how it used to look.

This is how it looks now, with some before and after shots at angles that will make your eyes bleed.

Frosty Brickwork

Been a while since I posted about the house and the garden (well, technically it’s been a while since I posted about much at all).  Anyway, in March I moaned about some stuff.  One of those issues was the brickwork around the base of the house.  A nice gentleman posted a comment which I took seriously.  We actually got the plumbing in the bathroom sorted out first, because it was easier.  However, we asked around some friends for builders / brickies they trusted, and one of them popped around yesterday and confirmed it is frost damage, and it’s not a big job for him to fix.  He’s sending us a quote.

There’s no way I’d have the confidence to fix it myself, and we need some re-pointing doing as well.  One of the bricks is partially under the path so we’ll need some cold tarmac as well.  Anyway, pleased we finally started the process of getting it sorted – he suggested once he’s fixed them up we coat them with silicon to keep the frost out.

Here’s the before shots so you know what frost damage bricks look like, and so I can remember how bad it was after we get them fixed.


Sofa Bed

So it took Bubbles about 40 minutes to find the bed … I’m sure she’ll enjoy using it almost as much as we do 😉

As you can see, the sofa colour is cream which fits well with the original bright orange carpet and the orange, green and yellow curtains.


Close Encounters of the Fi kind

Visitors next week (ish) and then Grete’s folks at some point in the near future (ish) means another excellent excuse to do some house sorting. Bought a set of ladders today which will get us into the loft, so we can finally box some stuff and permanently hide it out of the way.

Onward …

Is this the floor I see before me?

The title won out over ‘I fought the floor and the floor won’ but only just.

It’s true. In the back bedroom, we can see the floor! Anothercar load of stuff (can you believe it) going to the skip tomorrow. Stuff tidied away, put under things, in things, on things and around things, until we can see the floor. There’s still a mound of stuff to go to the skip, and a bunch of books to go to the charity shop, but we’re getting there.

So it begins

Full car load of stuff just went to the local tip. Several black bags of paperwork, old casette tapes, boxes, bags, boots, magazines, etc., etc., etc. The back bedroom is looking MUCH clearer. Still full mind, but a hell of a lot better than it’s been since we moved in. There’s a serious risk of being able to see the floor in all 3 bedrooms *at the same time*.

Caught Up!

So we’ve caught up with friends, Andy, Chris & Christine, Sarah & Michael after about 2 years. We’ve promised them it won’t be another 2! We’ve booked Maelstrom as well, so if you knew us from the Omega LRP campaign you should see us at Maelstrom in June.

We’ve spent a week or so now seeing friends, sorting Maelstrom, testing reading some stuff for David Gemmell, getting out of the house, sorting the back bedroom, picking up one or two other DIY bits and pieces and generally moving our life forward a bit, which is a little unusual. It’s meant less time in EQ than normal but I can’t think of a psychologist on the planet who would describe that as bad. We’ve probably burned ourselves out a bit on life and I should think we’ll be a bit busy in EQ for a few days catching up with those friends.

I may try and fix the clothes rail in Grete’s wardrobe tonight if I get time, have to see how I feel, generally really down at the moment, not sure of any specific cause other than my usual ‘worrying about everything related to money’ thing.

Lilac Heaven

We did it, we finished a bedroom. It’s a small bedroom, my mum could decorate it in half an hour between feeding 2 kids and her job, but hey, it’s our second one. We finished the last two walls today, put another coat on the first two (hopefully we learned and put more paint on the last two) and finished the trim around the window and stuff.

We *finally* put furniture into the room after over two years of being in the house and using it as a dumping ground.

Now we can start sorting out the back bedroom and moving things around in there, since we have some space.