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A Day of Updates II #1 – Surgery Update

I’m back at work, doesn’t feel like over two weeks since I had the surgery but it is.  I’m still not supposed to be carrying anything heavy, but it’s hard not to lift anything in day-to-day life so I’m just trying to be careful.  The wound itself is pretty much healed externally.  Internally it feels like the nerves are starting to grow back which is introducing a little pain but nothing serious.  I still feel uncomfortable from time-to-time but some of that is because I’ve put weight on while I’ve been off work (and before hand, to be fair).

I’m really pleased with how everything went especially with how little time I was actually in the hospital.  I just hope that I’ll be back to fully mobile and able to get stuff in the garden moved a bit before winter sets in.

Post Surgery

Surgery went well, up at 5:30am, at Derby City General Hospital by 7:45am, in prep at 8:30am and out of surgery and recovering from 10:30am.  Grete picked me up around 12pm, and I’ve been dozing on the sofa since.  Codeine always makes me sleepy.

It’s pretty uncomfortable when I think about it, but the pain killer cocktail (codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen) takes the edge of it.

The nurses in Derby were great, really kept me informed and relaxed the whole time, can’t thank them enough.

Now, two weeks of snoozing and asking Grete what time is it.


Pre-op appointment went okay, gave some blood, had blood pressure and ECG taken, spoke about what happens on the day, etc.  Being diabetic gives me the benefit of being treated as a priority in the morning since I won’t be able to eat from midnight.

Nurse in Derby City General Hospital was really friendly and helpful.

Operation still planned for the 11th, should know by mid-afternoon that day if I’m going to be home that night or not.

A day of updates #1 – Health and Hernia

So not posted anything of any substance for a little while, mainly because I’ve sort of been hanging on to hear about some news and then once you get out of the habit of blogging it takes a little effort to get back into it.  I was going to write one huge monster update but instead, here’s a bunch of smaller, more focussed updates.

I definitely have a hernia (periumbilical) – surgery is scheduled for the 11th June.  I was pretty impressed with how quick the NHS got that scheduled.  It’s provisional at the moment, and I’ve got a pre-op appointment tomorrow but I guess that’s generally a formality and they say provisional so they can mess you about if specialists aren’t available.  The surgery should be an outpatients visit, so in and out on the same day.  They said basically if you can stand up and not vomit after you come around from the GA, then they’ll send you home.  So fingers crossed I should be back at home on the 11th.  Will be off work for 2-4 weeks depending on what the Hospital / GP say, and then still taking it easy for a good few weeks after that to make sure things heal up.  The worst thing you can do with a hernia is think it’s ok and rip it open after the surgery.  Better to take it very very easy for a good while and let it heal fully, much less chance of it coming back.

I won’t be tweeting during the surgery :p