Post Surgery

Surgery went well, up at 5:30am, at Derby City General Hospital by 7:45am, in prep at 8:30am and out of surgery and recovering from 10:30am.  Grete picked me up around 12pm, and I’ve been dozing on the sofa since.  Codeine always makes me sleepy.

It’s pretty uncomfortable when I think about it, but the pain killer cocktail (codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen) takes the edge of it.

The nurses in Derby were great, really kept me informed and relaxed the whole time, can’t thank them enough.

Now, two weeks of snoozing and asking Grete what time is it.

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  1. Maybe you need a little bell to summon Grete whenever you need something? I’m sure she’d love that! 🙂

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