A day of updates #1 – Health and Hernia

So not posted anything of any substance for a little while, mainly because I’ve sort of been hanging on to hear about some news and then once you get out of the habit of blogging it takes a little effort to get back into it.  I was going to write one huge monster update but instead, here’s a bunch of smaller, more focussed updates.

I definitely have a hernia (periumbilical) – surgery is scheduled for the 11th June.  I was pretty impressed with how quick the NHS got that scheduled.  It’s provisional at the moment, and I’ve got a pre-op appointment tomorrow but I guess that’s generally a formality and they say provisional so they can mess you about if specialists aren’t available.  The surgery should be an outpatients visit, so in and out on the same day.  They said basically if you can stand up and not vomit after you come around from the GA, then they’ll send you home.  So fingers crossed I should be back at home on the 11th.  Will be off work for 2-4 weeks depending on what the Hospital / GP say, and then still taking it easy for a good few weeks after that to make sure things heal up.  The worst thing you can do with a hernia is think it’s ok and rip it open after the surgery.  Better to take it very very easy for a good while and let it heal fully, much less chance of it coming back.

I won’t be tweeting during the surgery :p