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Peppered Steak

Meat and two veg (one of which is McCain Microwave Chips) is pretty good for my diabetes (not for my heart, take it up with my GP).  To complete the lazy-ass setup I get the tesco microwave veg, it’s ok (it’s steamed).  My blood sugar is usually around 5 or 6 two hours after any combo of meat, veg and those chips.  However, it gets boring quick.  I quite like roast chicken, and steak and pork and all the other kinds of meat, but it still gets boring.

I can usually tolerate it for a couple of weeks before getting sick and wanting pizza and other high carb stuff.

Which means I understand why mustard and pepper are so important (and clearly, all the other spices).

Yesterday I had pork smothered in mustard before I cooked it, and today steak with crushed black pepper corns (fresh).  Nice change.

No more roasts!

Thankfully the season of ‘huge roast dinners’ has come to an end and I can stop trying to cram eighteen types of vegetable onto our plates.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good roast dinner with yorkshire puddings and nine litres of gravy, but they’re even better after a long break, we’ve managed to cram about four in during the Christmas / New Year holidays and I think we’re both pretty much done now.

On an unrelated note (er, no pun intended), I’m playing with a ‘related posts plugin’ but I’m not sure how much value it adds and how annoying it might be, so it may go away again.

I bought some cheese

Nothing special, some Camembert which is wrapped and inside a thin wooden box.  It’s stinking out the fridge.  So I wrapped it in some tin-foil.  It’s still stinking out the fridge.  So I put the whole thing inside a sealed fridge food bag.

It’s STILL stinking out the fridge.

So I’m going to have to eat it for lunch.

Christmas Eve

Welcome to Christmas Eve.  I’m just finishing a can of red bull before heading into the kitchen to make us a small fried breakfast (mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, hash browns, bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, toast).  While I’m doing that you should all go and watch a video over at Zeeker’s livejournal.

We finished season two of Black Adder last night and started season three.  I really can’t believe there’s only six episodes in each season, that’s mad.  By the way, if you’ve never seen Black Adder (because you’re too young, or you live in a country where it’s never been shown, or you’ve just not seen it) then you should try very hard to see it.  All four seasons are classic comic TV with some truly side splitting moments of laughing.  Still, I can’t beleve there’s only 6 episodes per seasons, although as Grete said, “BBC”, which explained the whole thing in one word.

We discovered half way through season two and into season three that both of us have speech patterns heavily influenced by Black Adder.

I need to write up part 4 of the painting diary after doing some more painting yesterday as well (I write them and and schedule them three days apart so that even if I don’t paint for a couple of days the diaries aren’t too far behind the miniature).

But first.



Ah Christmas week, a week of relaxing and eating breakfasts you’re not allowed to eat during the rest of the year (well, it’s my tradition and I’m sticking to it!)

This morning Grete had Belgian Waffles with Canadian Maple Syrup (pure) and I’m having (too many) crumpets with butter.  Grete has more waffles in the cupboard and some croissants for some point later in the week.  I normally cook a fried breakfast on Christmas day but in the last few years we’ve run into scheduling issues.  We don’t really get the breakfast done cooked until 11 o’clock or sometimes later, and that pushes our roast dinner back until the early evening.  Neither of those things is good for my diabetes really (by the time breakfast is done I’m usually desperate to eat), so this year we’re doing fried breakfast on Christmas Eve and something smaller on Christmas Day, so we can eat the dinner at more like 2 or 3 o’clock.

Ah, crumpets, sweet crumpets already I feel your white flour sugary badness flowing into my blood and making me a little giddy.  Soon you’ll lift me high and then dump me suddenly, alone, cold and shaking in the wilderness of high GI food and yet I shall love thee no less and in two days we shall dance this dance again.

Stress free shopping

Just got back from what has to be our most stress free ‘last shop before Christmas’ in the history of Christmases.  Granted we’d got loads of stuff already buying it in little bits over the last 3 weeks, but there’s always fresh stuff you need, bread, milk, veg, etc. and Tesco was totally empty at 8:30am this morning!  We grabbed some breakfast, and then sorted the last of the food.

No need to go shopping again now until next Saturday.

We’re not penny pinching this Christmas but we’re certainly budgeting, and so far we’re within budget, although I have to pretend I’m not paying for more tooth work in February and I don’t need a new wing mirror.

Good evening!

Had a really good evening today, went out for food with Grete to a local pub, ate far too much including some awesome cheesecake which I’m really not supposed to eat, and then went over and saw Simes and Marie and dropped off their Christmas present and stayed for a good long chat.

All very relaxing and enjoyable.

Two more days of work then holiday!

Four Working Days to go

Not that I’m counting, but in four more working days, I’m on holiday for Christmas.  Only a week off, then back for the New Year but I’ll take five days.  I really need a break from it all at the moment, it’s starting to get on top of me.

Ten days until Christmas and we’re sorted.  Presents sorted, wrapped, posted or delivered as appropriate.  Well, technically I still have to wrap Grete’s presents but I enjoy tormenting her too much by leaving them lying around in the open in boxes.

We’ve already bought all the food we can get in advance which won’t perish before the 25th, so we probably need to shop again in the early part of next week, but no mammoth shops like in previous years (standing in a queue in Asda for three hours for example).  Much more relaxed Christmas this year.

Except money wise obviously, the insurance company is being annoying about the car wing mirror (like claiming we don’t have protected no-claims, which we do, and ‘suggesting’ they may write the car off for the cost of the repair which is just insane.  I suspect they’re just trying to put us off claiming).  Either way, it’s another £100-200 I can’t afford at this time of year after the dentist bills.  I don’t begrudge paying out any of the money we’ve spent on presents and gifts at all, that’s money well spent, but the timing of the other bills just makes it a bit frustrating.

Still, I’ve been in debt since the second year of my university course, so I guess another year of it in 2009 won’t kill me.  Since we got rid of the loan our debt has been pretty much consistent in size, it’s grown a little in the last few weeks, but I’ll try and make a big dent in the early part of next year.

Fingers crossed.

So, four days until holiday, ten until Christmas and sixteen until 2009.

I forgot to have lunch

Some days I get really hungry and no amount of sensible eating really deals with it.  There’s a school of thought which says I’m probably not hungry, but thirsty since humans have lost the ability to clearly tell the difference in all situations.  Anyway, I was sitting in the lounge at around 2:50pm, working (just finished a conference call) and snacking on some chicken bite things, thinking man I’m hungry.  Obviously, that kind of feeling requires a blog post.  Because you’re all about the up-to-the-minute details of my boring day to day life (I would have written boring ass life, but Kevin Smith beat me to it).

So I opened WordPress, and started a blog post, and wrote what I’d had for breakfast and what I’d had for lunch and that I was still hungry.  Only when I went to write what I had for lunch, I realised I hadn’t had any.

Which is probably a better reason for my hunger than just random ‘maybe I’m hungry’.  So there.  I forgot to each lunch and you didn’t have to read a blog about what I’d eaten.


Why when you’re ill is soup such a good choice of food?  I always like soup don’t get me wrong, but when you’re ill it’s just that much better?  The combination of hot stomach warming niceness with easy-to-make effortness maybe?  Something about the sight of steaming golden soup and toast evoking memories of being taken care of when you were younger and ill?  Who knows.

I won’t try and spoil the magic by working it out in too much detail, I just know that soup is the best food in the world when you’re ill (3 billion women are now thinking, no it’s not, it’s chocolate and ice cream fool!)

So far, wednesday tomato, yesterday mulligatawny (which partly exploded in the microwave) and today winter vegetable.

Soup, we salute you.