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I forgot to have lunch

Some days I get really hungry and no amount of sensible eating really deals with it.  There’s a school of thought which says I’m probably not hungry, but thirsty since humans have lost the ability to clearly tell the difference in all situations.  Anyway, I was sitting in the lounge at around 2:50pm, working (just finished a conference call) and snacking on some chicken bite things, thinking man I’m hungry.  Obviously, that kind of feeling requires a blog post.  Because you’re all about the up-to-the-minute details of my boring day to day life (I would have written boring ass life, but Kevin Smith beat me to it).

So I opened WordPress, and started a blog post, and wrote what I’d had for breakfast and what I’d had for lunch and that I was still hungry.  Only when I went to write what I had for lunch, I realised I hadn’t had any.

Which is probably a better reason for my hunger than just random ‘maybe I’m hungry’.  So there.  I forgot to each lunch and you didn’t have to read a blog about what I’d eaten.


Not long got back from a delicious Sunday lunch out with friends, really enjoyed it.

Both myself and Grete are still feeling pretty grotty, Grete’s got the cold full on now, I’m on the tail end.

Don’t feel very creative, only just over 6 hours to go before I need to have written another 1600 words, think I’ll sit in the other room for a bit and try and absorb some ideas from the TV.

Well you never know, it might just work.