Christmas Eve

Welcome to Christmas Eve.  I’m just finishing a can of red bull before heading into the kitchen to make us a small fried breakfast (mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, hash browns, bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, toast).  While I’m doing that you should all go and watch a video over at Zeeker’s livejournal.

We finished season two of Black Adder last night and started season three.  I really can’t believe there’s only six episodes in each season, that’s mad.  By the way, if you’ve never seen Black Adder (because you’re too young, or you live in a country where it’s never been shown, or you’ve just not seen it) then you should try very hard to see it.  All four seasons are classic comic TV with some truly side splitting moments of laughing.  Still, I can’t beleve there’s only 6 episodes per seasons, although as Grete said, “BBC”, which explained the whole thing in one word.

We discovered half way through season two and into season three that both of us have speech patterns heavily influenced by Black Adder.

I need to write up part 4 of the painting diary after doing some more painting yesterday as well (I write them and and schedule them three days apart so that even if I don’t paint for a couple of days the diaries aren’t too far behind the miniature).

But first.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve”

  1. I’m dreaming of a Black (Adder) Christmas . . .

    You know, for all that I’m a big Rowan Atkinson fan, I never have sat down and watched Black Adder. I’ve caught bits and pieces, but it doesn’t quite work that way. I should take advantage of this whole Netflixy video-on-demandy thing we have to rectify the situation.

    Mad props on the whole miniature painting thing. Impressive work.

    1. Yeh Black Adder definitely builds up during each episode so watching the full thing helps. I love it mainly because the deep sarcasm of the main character reflects my normal deep sarcasm in all I do.

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