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So, I wanted somewhere to post my reviews of stuff, and decided this was the easiest approach since Blogger doesn’t support categories. I’m going to post all the old reviews I wrote, but since I have no idea on what date they were posted, I’ll just stick them in as I come across them, and all future stuff will be correctly dated.


I’ve blogged so many posts in one evening, the last 10 all had word verification turned on by blogger! Well, they’re in. Everything I blogged directly onto www.darkstorm.co.uk/tony is now on-line here. The stuff I blogged before that in LiveJournal or somewhere else isn’t here yet. I may do those another time to see how far back I can get this thing going.

I’ve changed the Archive link to be a drop down since there’s now so much archive content!!

In other news – we went to Ikea and bought a sofa bed, had one last blitz of the back bedroom and then built the bed. It’s up, we can see the floor, another car load for the skip, some stuff in the loft, some stuff shoved in cupboard and a boat load of stuff to donate to charity, but finally, after three years, ALL ROOMS in the house are useable.

Old blog entries

So I’ve got this stupid and crazy idea to go through my old blog entries in the various locations in which they exist, and whack them into Blogger.  Knowing how long it takes to update one entry, I can only imagine what sadistic element of my nature (or masochistic, hard to decide) it is which is suggesting this.

Blogging deluge

No posts for like ever and then 3 in the space of 40 minutes. What can I say.

Just wanted to post a few links to stuff I’ve been reading lately and found funny, interesting or worth passing on!

Scott Adams’ blog -> sometimes funny 🙂 But always updated more often than mine.
Best of Craiglist -> what started as a small personal’s website, has grown into a huge windy crazy thing, and the Best of … section is often very humorous. Please note : not suitable for anyone under 18, anyone with no sense of humour, or anyone easily shocked. If you’re an easily shocked under 18 year old with no sense of humour, please retire to bed immediately.

A friend sent this link to me http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200303/rauch – and it struck a chord 🙂 I’m not saying it’s the truth or deadly serious, but it certainly rang true and describes how I feel at times.


So, been playing with blogger.com and … I’m impressed. It’s a hell of a lot easier to blog stuff than it was on my own home page using my own custom written simple stuff, and you get plenty of control over the layout and structure! Even the ability to upload images and not worry about hosting is very nice. Very pleased.

And the best thing.

Spell checker (when I remember to use it!)

Dawn of a New Age

… again

So I thought I’d try some blogging again, to pass the time when I have the time, even though I know I’ll never get around to keeping this up-to-date, and I wonder why I’m not doing it on my own website?