I’m quite liking WordPress I have to say. I’ve still got to get comfortable with the HUGE font used in the admin pages, I’m very much a ‘small font’ man myself, but otherwise the installation was trivial and it’s clean and simple to use. As always, took me a while to find a theme I liked for www.onelinemoviereviews.co.uk but once I did it was easy to change to my liking.

Which makes me wonder if I should finally replace www.darkstorm.co.uk/tony with a WordPress setup and move the blogger stuff over? WordPress promises it can migrate blogger posts (not tested it yet), and I do feel happier if I’m in control of my own data, rather than blogger holding onto it. Blogger has been great, but there’s a few things I want to be able to do which I can’t and I just have this nagging feeling of worry that my posts (without value as they are) are stored somewhere that I don’t have any direct access to.

Maybe I will, who knows. The bit that interests me a lot about WordPress in this regard is that it supports static ‘content’ in the form of pages as well as blog entries. This matches almost exactly what I custom wrote originally for the perception is truth site at www.darkstorm.co.uk/tony, and it’d be nice to convert that across into something which is easier to support and maintain.

2 thoughts on “WordPress”

  1. Yes, WordPress will quite happily import your Blogger entries – I used it quite successfully for artiss.co.uk.

  2. Ah good to know 🙂

    The only major concern then is people leaving comments, comment spam etc., but I guess I could just moderate everything.

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