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Tendonitis of the Thumb – Most Popular Internet Topic Ever

My blog isn’t very popular on the Internet, as a whole. I’m obviously not surprised, it’s virtually free of content, it’s about me and my life rather than world changing events and it’s well, a bit crap. But I’m also a geek so I check the web site stats every now and again, and track them using Google Analytics, because I can.

And it turns out, if you want to write semi-popular Blogs, you should write about Tendonitis of the Thumb.

I did (here), and it’s the most read page in the entire blog. Weird, but true. In the last month it has accounted for 44% of the page views of the entire blog. It’s the top landing page for the blog, and it shows up on google somewhere between the top 5 and top 20 pages if you search for “Tendonitis of the thumb“. Today, it’s number 7 in the list.

So if you do want to write popular web pages, I recommend writing about ailments, and sore thumbs specifically.


I’m quite liking WordPress I have to say. I’ve still got to get comfortable with the HUGE font used in the admin pages, I’m very much a ‘small font’ man myself, but otherwise the installation was trivial and it’s clean and simple to use. As always, took me a while to find a theme I liked for but once I did it was easy to change to my liking.

Which makes me wonder if I should finally replace with a WordPress setup and move the blogger stuff over? WordPress promises it can migrate blogger posts (not tested it yet), and I do feel happier if I’m in control of my own data, rather than blogger holding onto it. Blogger has been great, but there’s a few things I want to be able to do which I can’t and I just have this nagging feeling of worry that my posts (without value as they are) are stored somewhere that I don’t have any direct access to.

Maybe I will, who knows. The bit that interests me a lot about WordPress in this regard is that it supports static ‘content’ in the form of pages as well as blog entries. This matches almost exactly what I custom wrote originally for the perception is truth site at, and it’d be nice to convert that across into something which is easier to support and maintain.

Reviews – Two

Blogger added labels a while ago, which really fixed the reason why I had two blogs (this one, and my review one), so I just copied and pasted the review entries from the old review one into this one. Yay.

I preserved the dates where I knew what they were, but some of those reviews were copied across from a previous review location and I had lost the original dates, so lots of them are just posted in the same day. New reviews will of course have suitable dates attached to them.


So, I wanted somewhere to post my reviews of stuff, and decided this was the easiest approach since Blogger doesn’t support categories. I’m going to post all the old reviews I wrote, but since I have no idea on what date they were posted, I’ll just stick them in as I come across them, and all future stuff will be correctly dated.

Another day, another baked on stain

Another day goes by, another hot day to be precise. I spent half of it headbutting mindless and pointless processes at work. It wasn’t as bad as yesterday in that respect. I’ve decided that Scott Adams is in some way watching me at work. Yesterday was a non-stop process mire. This was yesterday’s Dilbert (sorry about the lame popups). Just right on the nail, totally described my day.

There is some solace in the fact that I’m obviously not alone in my pain-at-work, otherwise Scott wouldn’t get so much stuff right, it can’t happen by chance surely? It is scary that so many organisations are so screwed up that Dilbert is basically an honest representation of life at work.

In other news, I’m totally addicted to the last 30 pictures on live journal (not safe for work). In fact, may not be safe even if you’re self employed or unemployed. Make sure there’s no one else in the house near you. I can’t be held accountable for the images on that link – it’s the last 30 things posted to live journal and we all know bloggers are basically weird. The rate of new content is incredible, every 15 seconds will replace the entire page, and if you send the link to someone else you can totally expect it to look different when it gets there.

The guy who hosts the little script that does that stuff also has some really cool stuff on his main site. I love the frogger game 🙂

Anyway, I really should try and sleep.


I’ve blogged so many posts in one evening, the last 10 all had word verification turned on by blogger! Well, they’re in. Everything I blogged directly onto is now on-line here. The stuff I blogged before that in LiveJournal or somewhere else isn’t here yet. I may do those another time to see how far back I can get this thing going.

I’ve changed the Archive link to be a drop down since there’s now so much archive content!!

In other news – we went to Ikea and bought a sofa bed, had one last blitz of the back bedroom and then built the bed. It’s up, we can see the floor, another car load for the skip, some stuff in the loft, some stuff shoved in cupboard and a boat load of stuff to donate to charity, but finally, after three years, ALL ROOMS in the house are useable.

Old blog entries

So I’ve got this stupid and crazy idea to go through my old blog entries in the various locations in which they exist, and whack them into Blogger.  Knowing how long it takes to update one entry, I can only imagine what sadistic element of my nature (or masochistic, hard to decide) it is which is suggesting this.