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I’m British, let’s talk about the weather

So we’ve crawled, wrapped in our fleece blankets and new hats, out of the freezing white bitter cold of December into the wet miserable damp grey cold of January.  We’ve managed to stay above freezing for a week or so, but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant out there.  I’m no lover of sun, I don’t like bright lights and never have, but I’d rather have the white cold of snow than the grey murk of whatever-it-is-we-have now.  Soon though it’ll be spring (and as we get older, the seasons come and go faster, so it’ll be spring before we know it and autumn will be fast approaching with summer just a hint of heat in the middle), and hopefully we’ll get out and get the outside of the house sorted a bit.

Woodwork, holes in the walls, the garden – that’s this years focus I feel.

More snow?

When we were deciding which day to head south, we almost decided to leave it until Monday / Tuesday in the hope of the weather having cleared up.  As it happens, we made the right choice going on Sat / Sun,

Thousands of people have been trapped in their cars overnight after snow and ice brought roads to a standstill.



Nice visit from a couple of friends on their way south from a few days on vacation.  Was really nice seeing them both even if I had to be rude and half-work while they were here.  They seem to have brought a change in weather with them – was overcast until they arrived and now it’s sunny and hot!

Can’t complain – fingers crossed it lasts the weekend we might get some more garden stuff done.


Feels like it’s ages since it rained, where-as when we first moved to Nottingham it rained for almost the whole of February and most of March, non-stop.  Personally I don’t mind a bit of rain although the cats clearly disagree, but I think it’ll be good for the garden and the water table.

It’s a bright day

Is it me, or is spring already arriving in the UK?  The last few days have been very spring-like, drizzly rain, bright days, very mild considering the previous few weeks (it was 13C yesterday).  I guess nature will laugh at my presumption and tomorrow we’ll be neck deep in snow and hail or something.

The garden is certainly gearing up, snow drops in the front and the grass is looking pretty green after that batch of snow.

Red Autumn

I was out in the garden earlier because the apple tree in our garden has the brightest yellow leaves.  The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but they are bright yellow.

But a few of the leaves have some amazing colours.

The small tree has a few stubborn leaves just hanging on until the bitter end.

And somehow, there’s a single fresh daisy in the grass, although we’re not sure where it came from.

Another day nearly done

Played a bit of Lord of the Rings Online tonight (and last night), been a while since we played any MMORPG’s so was quite nice to kill a few orcs and goblins.  The cough is still bugging me, the tail end of the cold and the part I hate most really.  Coughing gives me a headache and just annoys me in general.

Weather has been pretty bad last few days, windy, heavy rain, the cats have given up all hope of spending any more time outside until the early spring and settled into winter mode.  For Bubbles this essentially means trying to find the warmest place in the house to sit – and that includes on me or Grete.

Remind me to write a blog post about Fringe and/or Burn Notice.