I’m British, let’s talk about the weather

So we’ve crawled, wrapped in our fleece blankets and new hats, out of the freezing white bitter cold of December into the wet miserable damp grey cold of January.  We’ve managed to stay above freezing for a week or so, but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant out there.  I’m no lover of sun, I don’t like bright lights and never have, but I’d rather have the white cold of snow than the grey murk of whatever-it-is-we-have now.  Soon though it’ll be spring (and as we get older, the seasons come and go faster, so it’ll be spring before we know it and autumn will be fast approaching with summer just a hint of heat in the middle), and hopefully we’ll get out and get the outside of the house sorted a bit.

Woodwork, holes in the walls, the garden – that’s this years focus I feel.