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You came in that thing

Built my birthday present.

Fewer pieces than it looks, only took an hour or so to put it together but it still looks pretty cool.  If I felt like it, I’d do a bit of glueing, filling and some touch-up painting, but we’ll see.

It makes me want to build more model kits but you can’t get Star Wars ones that are true kits, just the snap together quick ones (as above), plus, I have nowhere to put them anyway.

It’s also rekindled an urge in me to scratch build scenes / dioramas / buildings.  I’ve never tried, but always thought I’d be good at it 😉

Star Wars and Goose Pimples and All Things Nice

I used one of my Star Wars THX DVD’s to check out what Rab had said about tuning your TV with THX, and he was right!  In the language settings section there’s a THX logo and it runs you through some picture setting stuff, mainly around contrast and brightness, along with some diagnostics.  Lo and behold, my TV was already spot on!  I’m really picky about contrast and brightness, because I’m really sensitive to bright lights.  I always have my computer monitor set very dark, and I try and have the TV set so that it’s not too bright, and I’d got it spot on in terms of being able to pick out the different white and black contrasts on the THX thingy.

Very pleased.

Of course, as soon as I stuck the DVD in, the surround sound popped into life and I was able to enjoy the intro Star Wars music blaring out.  Man it’s fantastic, and it evokes such an amazing set of memories.

I still can’t watch the 20th Century Fox logo/intro on movies without expecting it to fade into Star Wars.