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New restaurant

There’s a new restaurant / takeaway place opened up in town, Indian and Nepalese cuisine.  We saw it a couple of days ago and a menu was popped through the door today.  Quoting verbatim, you may enjoy the following dishes (I checked my spelling four times, anything I write below is verbatim),

  • Tender of baby lamb traditional bring spiced from Nepal add fresh garlic & highly flavour coriander.
  • Tender of lamb cubs slow heating cooked with fresh herb and spiced.
  • Cooked with chef secret spices creating exotic taste on the top boiled eggs.
  • Assorted fresh vegetable light spiced herb freshness cooked.
  • Charcoal grill salmon tikka tandoori king prawn, prawn cherry tomatoes fresh fenugreek leafs, home made spices, smooth sauce.
  • Cooked creamy coconuts nuts very mild dishes
  • Plain think curry cooked with fresh green chilli and spices.

I kinda feel sorry for them, I think they rushed the menu out and opened in a hurry but if I was printing their menu, I would have called them up and maybe offered some advice.