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Pease Pudding

So, another go at pease pudding last night – no photo this time.  Used a much smaller amount of split peas, an in general, it’s much better.  For a start, it tastes like the pease pudding my mam used to make, and it’s mostly smooth and creamy.  We had to push it through a sieve to get it like that though.  Need to cook the split peas for longer, and not quite so tightly packed together (the ones in the middle were still mostly raw).  But in general, we’re getting closer!

I’m considering just putting the gammon joint into water, with the split peas loose, and boiling it until the peas go soft, and then straining the water away (for stock), rather than putting the peas in muslin.

Pease Pudding results

Made the pease pudding, used too many split peas, and overall it’s turned out a bit bland.  Not totally sure what I can do about that other than getting a different source of flavour.  Anyway, the good news is that the resulting soup (using some of the water from the gammon+split peas stock) is super delicious.

Crap iPhone photo, sorry.


Got two of those tubs out of the batch.  Think I’ll work on it.

Pease Pudding (again)

I haven’t tried making pease pudding since a couple of goes in 2000 where it was okay, but not brilliant.  Since then however, I’ve perfected making the soup my mum makes, albeit with my own twist and variation.  And tomorrow, I’m going to try making some pease pudding in roughly the same way she makes it.

Basically, take your soaked yellow split peas, put them into a muslin bag, and boil them with the ham (gammon in my case) until they’re soft and then beat them into a paste.

Fingers crossed, I’ll let you know how it goes.