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An Open Letter to the Cast of Castle

Dear Mr Fillion, Ms Katic, Mr Huertas, Mr Dever, Ms Jones, Ms Quinn, Mr Santiago-Hudson and Ms Sullivan.

Long have I defended the right of artists to have crazy batshit eccentric desires.  It is a fact, I would declare, that actors are artists, and artists have minds that we simple consumers can not understand, can not even fathom.

I have excused the behaviour of artists and actors alike.  Flying a hat first class across Europe?  He’s an artist!  Demanding people not look you in the eye?  She’s an artist!  A bowl of wolf nipple chips in the dressing room?  An artist!

All these and more I have forgiven actors before you and I will forgive actors after you.

But there is a line!

A line that should not be crossed!

Why, I shout now, why do you only work for half a year?  The latest season of Castle has finished its UK run.  Now we must wait!  I am a consumer, I do not wait!  But wait I must for another half year to pass before I see you all on my screen again.

Why?  So you can go gallivanting off and make a movie?  So you can all dress up and go out dancing during the award season?  We consumers work all year!  Every week, earning a crust so we can stuff stuffed crust down our gullets while living our lives vicariously through your on-screen actions.  We can’t cope with you not being there for half a year.  This evening, without Castle on my Television I had to have a conversation with my wife!  My wife!  I’m not even sure what she wanted to talk about, but I’m pretty damn sure I wasn’t interested.

Was it about a woman drowning in a bath of chocolate?  No!  Neither did it involve putrefying corpses lying in bed for a week.  Not even a hint of a crime or a mystery to solve.  Tomorrow I fear I might even need to watch the News or some other non-fiction TV content to get my fix.

So I ask again, what right do you have to only work half a year?  Do I not deserve more than 24 episodes of Castle?  Am I not worthy?

Yours, disgruntled of England.

PS. Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to season 4.

PPS. Wish we could buy the DVD’s in the UK!