An Open Letter to the Cast of Castle

Dear Mr Fillion, Ms Katic, Mr Huertas, Mr Dever, Ms Jones, Ms Quinn, Mr Santiago-Hudson and Ms Sullivan.

Long have I defended the right of artists to have crazy batshit eccentric desires.  It is a fact, I would declare, that actors are artists, and artists have minds that we simple consumers can not understand, can not even fathom.

I have excused the behaviour of artists and actors alike.  Flying a hat first class across Europe?  He’s an artist!  Demanding people not look you in the eye?  She’s an artist!  A bowl of wolf nipple chips in the dressing room?  An artist!

All these and more I have forgiven actors before you and I will forgive actors after you.

But there is a line!

A line that should not be crossed!

Why, I shout now, why do you only work for half a year?  The latest season of Castle has finished its UK run.  Now we must wait!  I am a consumer, I do not wait!  But wait I must for another half year to pass before I see you all on my screen again.

Why?  So you can go gallivanting off and make a movie?  So you can all dress up and go out dancing during the award season?  We consumers work all year!  Every week, earning a crust so we can stuff stuffed crust down our gullets while living our lives vicariously through your on-screen actions.  We can’t cope with you not being there for half a year.  This evening, without Castle on my Television I had to have a conversation with my wife!  My wife!  I’m not even sure what she wanted to talk about, but I’m pretty damn sure I wasn’t interested.

Was it about a woman drowning in a bath of chocolate?  No!  Neither did it involve putrefying corpses lying in bed for a week.  Not even a hint of a crime or a mystery to solve.  Tomorrow I fear I might even need to watch the News or some other non-fiction TV content to get my fix.

So I ask again, what right do you have to only work half a year?  Do I not deserve more than 24 episodes of Castle?  Am I not worthy?

Yours, disgruntled of England.

PS. Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to season 4.

PPS. Wish we could buy the DVD’s in the UK!

13 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Cast of Castle”

  1. Here, here! The new year cannot come quickly enough! I’m hoping Channel 5 will reshow Series 2 so I can get my fix.

  2. You’re kidding, right? The Castle cast works all the way from July to April. Their “vacation” is two months, excluding regular holidays most people get off (Christmas, Thanksgiving) and weekends. They work LONG, late hours, and odd hours. So, don’t blame the fact that your episodes come every six months on them–blame it on the fact that the show originates in the US and countries outside it get the episodes later than they air here. We get hiatuses here, too, by the way. Four months of no new episodes of Castle from May to September and about a month from December to January with missing weeks in between the rest of the season. Collectively, that’s about six/seven months. But that doesn’t mean they’re not working. Since last month, they’ve filmed two and a half episodes of the new season (which take time). They’ll have about four or five filmed by the time it airs next month. Unfortunately, you won’t get to see them yet because you live in the UK–unless you went online and watched them.

  3. @TS, You’re kidding right??
    These guys and gals work their ass off for giving us all these episodes. They work 12-14 hours days! Do you do that?
    And about the dvd’s, I can buy them in the Netherlands so I guess you can too in England. Or check online.

  4. You can do what I do. I downloaded ALL the episode of ALL the seasons (I know it’s illigal – but what can I do that DVD’s in IOsrael cost so much???!!!) and every day I see one (or more) episode. and when I get to season 3 episode 24 and finish watching it – I start over.
    I’m a CastleMenic and not afriad to edmit it!

  5. Loved your letter. It was hysterical. Sorry some folks here in the US took it seriously. We are counting down the weeks until the new episodes.

    1. Thanks! Humour’s very personal, so I’m okay with a few people not getting it, I just wanted to try and make the cast laugh 0.00001% as much as they make us laugh!

  6. Let me guess: you just finished watching the season 3 finale, right? I hear you, man. Although, here in the US, it’s only less than 40 days until we get the new season. But, oh the wait! September 19th cannot get here soon enough. Hang in there, though. I’m positive they’ll make it worth our wait. Meanwhile, if you haven’t checked out Castle’s Nikki Heat book series, you really should. After that, you should check out the reading Nathan and Stana did of page 104 at last year’s Comic-Con on Youtube. You’ll never read that passage the same way again. However, if you’ve already done all these, then… well, there are others who are doing a Season 1-3 re-watch. You can do that too.

    Thanks for the laugh. 🙂 Have a good day!

    Sincerely, A fellow Castle fan

  7. Castle is the best programme (ever) and (like you) have no idea how I’m going to cope waiting to see if anyone is going to air season 4 in the UK.

    I have got both Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD – Season 1 can only be watched on my computer but Season 2 is works on my DVD Player – so it’s always worth trying to get hold of them on Amazon or Ebay.

    I am just hoping that some kind fan will upload the new season episodes on YouTube so that I can get my fix before it is aired in the UK.

    Hope you make it through the Castle drought with your sanity in tact x

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