Went to see a GP yesterday, for the first time in 14 years. If I gave my customers that level of friendliness, concern and ‘visible’ interest, I’d be out of a job in minutes. I came out feeling worse about myself than I did before I went in. I’m not trying to suggest your GP should be a crutch, but some basic concern for their patient’s would be nice. I felt un-important and as though I was causing hassle throughout the whole 10 minutes I was being ‘seen’. Throughout the whole of this process, the only person who actually seemed interested in me, and how I was feeling, was the neurologist in A&E, the other medical professionals involved just seemed like they wanted to wheel me in and out as fast as possible.

To that specialist : No idea who you are, but thanks.


Ah, don’t you love moving house. We’ve had to extend the loan again, to cover deposit, legal fees and all those other lovely bits. One day we might actually get the loan to go down.

Does everyone find life this difficult? Ok, so we’re not badly off, we’re not starving, and we can always manage, but sometimes it would be nice to get a break, and actually pay off some of the loan instead of just increasing it.

Sometimes I don’t like myself very much either, which doesn’t help matters.

Bells Palsy

Well, as usual it’s been a while eh? The house move thing is progressing, still a worry but I know we’ll sort it, and if not, well, I know we have good friends here in Nottingham who won’t let us go without a roof over our heads for a moment.

We managed to spend 7 hours in casualty today. Apparently I’ve got Bells Palsy, which is essentially inflammation of the facial nerve, which causes loss of power and response in one side of the face (sometimes both). The pain is pretty bad at times as well, but I’m on steroids to reduce the inflammation, and so reduce the pain, they just take a while to kick in [sigh].

Moving (again)

Well, I’ve moved desks at work, and I’m trying hard to change the pattern I’ve fallen into. When you don’t have anything challenging to do for a long time, it becomes too easy to avoid it again, but I’ve managed to get involved in at least two major pieces of work, pushing them forward, and hopefully more will turn up. Now all I need to do is work out how to stop feeling like I don’t fit in at work … I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

We managed to finish this month £150 up, which is excellent, Grete’s spending some tomorrow on an evening out with friends, and the rest will go towards moving house. Moving house I hear you say? Again? So soon? Well yes, the owner of this place wants to move back in, so once again we’re looking for somewhere to live.

It’s cold

It’s really cold, so I’m shivering as I type this – I guess I should go and buy some more gas, but it’s colder out there than it is in here, so I’ve not gone yet. It’s been ages since I updated the diary, sorry about that (hey, what do you care), but the main problem is that I (we) seem to have a social life finally!

We’re no longer playing just MERP in the roleplaying sessions on Sunday’s, we’re alternating between Warhammer, Fading Suns, Force Lords, MERP, Xena & Hercules. In our Thursday games with Ness and Tony we’re playing Warhammer again, which is good, ‘cos I like Warhammer FRP!!

Managed to get a David Gemmell newsgroup together, which is picking up support, alt.books.david-gemmell, so if you’re a fan, why not wander along.

Planning on doing lots of LRP this year, finances willing, probably going to this one, and then the Gathering, and probably some/all of the Moots (possibly Heartland games, although that’s stretching the money a bit).

You’ll be pleased to know that the heating has finally kicked in, our last £2.00 is slowly decreasing, and I’m preparing to head off into the big outside to get some more gas. Wish me luck.

Nearly Christmas (really)

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. No money for presents this year, just trying to get onto a level footing before the year is up, so we can try and get things organised next year and pay off the debt. Ah well, we’ll keep going 😉

Nearly Christmas

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I put the last diary entry in here. I’ve sort of been busy playing with Gemmell Mania over on Darkstorm, which has been fun. Other than that, nothing much going on, no money as usual, and Christmas is looming, but we’ll get by.

Domain too

Finally got the domain name sorted out, at the moment it’s got my Gemmell Mania page there, and more to come soon. Winter is advancing, and the mornings are dark. Ah well, not long ’til the summer, and I like the winter truth be told 😉


Well, it’s morning (as far as my body-clock is concerned]. I’m wondering why I update these pages, when the chances of anyone coming along and reading them are rather slim. I suppose it’s my general need to just write, or make noise. I dunno. Grete’s still in bed, it was another late night for us both! I think I’ll pop to the shop and buy some bacon for our ‘breakfast’.

Roleplaying later on today – should be good. I wonder if it’s worth joining one of the many diary/journal webrings? I can’t decide if I want people to read this page or not. Aaagghhh. And this entries final thought – one day soon work will improve, surely?

New Domain

All quiet really, thought I’d pop something down, since I’m in here updating the pages anyway. We’ve bought a domain name (darkstorm.org) The InterNIC hasn’t completed the registration as yet, so the link probably won’t work right away. Now all we have to do is work out what to do with the space!

Managing to get two roleplaying sessions in each week, which is a good thing[tm]. More would be good though 🙂

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