Well, I guess I should be in bed, sleeping, getting ready for work, but work’s annoying at the moment, so there’s no urgency. One good thing about work is that we did get a bonus this year, about a month’s pay, which means with any luck we’ll be buying a car soon! I’m trying not to think about the running costs, and just about how happy it’ll make Grete and how much easier it’ll make life.

Just watched Matrix with our mate Andy – if sci-fi / cyberpunk / action is your thing, then go and see it, if not go and see it anyway. It’s excellent, not much of a plot to be honest, but the movie is just so cool.

That song (Sunscreen) has been going around my head, so I’ve composed a Gathering – Vipers version, which is here … probably not funny but I laughed.

Really, go and see Matrix – I’m not kidding. Hopefully it won’t get buried under the Star Wars hype.

Anyway, sleep comes to those who wait.

If I could offer one bit of advice, it would be ‘don’t work for large coporations, they will only make you feel frustrated’.