Is everyone like this?

Well, things are a little quieter, and a lot has happened over the past few weeks. Company was brilliant – let me take a few days off, and work from home for a few days while Grete was really bad, which helped. She’s feeling much better, although still suffering, but at least she can think again and function, and get the help she needs.

*fx : Another Rant

When you are ill, and suffering, you are most likely not in much of a position to force your opinion or to ask lots of questions, and yet, ‘professionals’ appear to avoid providing any useful information or taking the time to ask the right questions. Friends got us through the last bad patch, friends in Nottingham and friends on IRC. When someone you’ve never met before asks questions a doctor never bothered to, you know the world is a scary and worrying place.

*fx : Rant off

The house still looks like a bombsite, but Grete is getting it sorted (I’m too lazy/knackered). Had some excellent weekends and evenings with friends here in Nottingham, which make the whole moving thing that much easier.

Bought CIV : CTP – waste of money.

Spend most of my time worrying about the things I should get sorted, like the garden, and bills, and payment schemes, and then spend the evening messing about, or eating too much take-away food, or on-line. Is everyone like this? All other folk seem to have organised lives where things work as they expect.