can’t sleep. not even the birds are awake yet. both cats think it’s their birthdays being let out without having to spend an hour trying to wake us both up.

i got another 30 photo’s done last night but couldn’t manage the full 60-odd, so i’m going to work through those this morning and finally get the damn egypt photo’s sorted.

6:40am: google’s picasa2 software is really nice, i remember that every time i use it.

7:05am: 18 photo’s to go.

7:45am: Hah! Now they’re all done.

10:28am: Now ploughing my way through the Ireland photo’s, have 30 done, probably another 50 to go or so. (Adding updates to this to avoid annoying people with one line blog entries).

11:06am: 29 to go.

12:30pm: Done. All the Egypt and Ireland photo’s re-scanned at 600dpi and after having been cleaned.