So, my two weeks are finished and done, my holiday is over. Tomorrow it’s back to work. Yay :p

Been a good two weeks, relaxing (once I eventually got over the stress of work), visit to Fi’s was cool and we spent a nice weekend with Tracey and Stuart this weekend just gone (got back today). Superb weather, we went to Holland-on-Sea on Saturday to paddle in the sea! I advised them that they need to visit some real beaches in the North East of England and get to see some beautiful sand, instead of the shale they are forced to pretend is sand.

The M25 should be shut down, bulldozed and turned into forest. Instead of having the M25 they should invent a mass-transport system that you drive onto and it zooms you around London super-fast and then you drive off and continue your journey. Driving to the south is never fun, because that road is not fun.