Painting Diary and other Things

Well, my finger is starting to heal. Gentle scab forming (which is nice), got rid of some loose, dry, dead skin earlier with the toenail clippers. Have had it bandage-free since I got back from work which is helping.

Can’t believe this fuel thing, weird. We’ve got enough petrol (4star LRP, still a bit to be had) to last us until the weekend I guess. See what happens then. I can’t believe people think the government should cave-in, even if taxes are too high, they can’t knee-jerk, otherwise it’ll spell disaster. The money has to come from somewhere, otherwise next year people will be moaning that schools and the NHS are suffering.

I’ve opened a new diary at the Live Journal site, to record my miniature painting activity, instead of half in here and half on the old pages. You can get to it here. Ah well, back to the paint pot.